Laura Ingraham lit up with excitement when Ron DeSantis shared his strategy for winning over minority and urban voters in 2024

Sep 13, 2023

Republicans massively underperformed in races all across the country during last year’s Midterm elections.

But Ron DeSantis made it a record-setting year for Florida Republicans.

And Laura Ingraham lit up with excitement when Ron DeSantis shared his strategy for winning over minority and urban voters in 2024.

Establishment RINOs have claimed for years that the only way Republicans can make inroads in the Hispanic community is by supporting amnesty and other big government programs.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is one Republican who strongly disagrees with granting amnesty and instead supports shutting down the border.

DeSantis recently explained to Laura Ingraham why he is proof that Republicans can support border security and still win over Hispanic voters.

A weakness of Trump has been his inability to make inroads with Hispanics and other suburban voters.

“Will you have, or do you have, plans to work to try to gain support among minority and urban voters in places where Republicans have not done as well as they should have done?” Ingraham asked DeSantis.

DeSantis pointed to Florida as proof that not only does he have a plan, but he also knows how to put it into action.

“Of course, that’s what we did in Florida,” DeSantis said. “I won Miami-Dade County, which is our most urban county – 2.8 million people, that’s more than some states have in population – 70% Latino.”

In his narrow 2018 victory, DeSantis lost Miami-Dade County by a whopping 18 points.

But in 2022, just four years later, DeSantis flipped Miami-Dade and turned in a shocking 11-point victory in the Hispanic-dominated county, making him the first Republican to win it since Jeb Bush in 2002.

In 2020, Donald Trump lost Miami-Dade County to Joe Biden by 53.4% to 46.1%.

DeSantis won Miami-Dade with 57% of the Hispanic vote in 2022.

“Some of the most heavily urban counties – we were winning in Florida,” DeSantis told Ingraham.

He then shared his “formula” for achieving this goal.

“The formula is: one, don’t pander to people and try to divide them on ethnicity,” he said. “Treat them, and us, as Americans.”

“We will crack down on crime nationally with these Soros-backed prosecutors,” DeSantis continued. “I did it in Florida,” he told Ingraham, before adding that “I’ll do it nationally.”

DeSantis pointed out how Biden’s border crisis is wreaking havoc on urban areas, giving Republicans an area to make inroads.

“The border and immigration, illegal immigration is having a devastating effect on a lot of these urban areas,” DeSantis said. “People are flooding their school systems and hospitals.”

“I’m going to shut the border down,” he promised.

DeSantis is a man of his word.

And based on his record, there is no reason to believe he would not shut down the border if elected President.

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