Laura Ingraham put Nikki Haley on the spot, and viewers are furious at her response

Nov 21, 2023

Former South Carolina Nikki Haley faced the biggest decision of her Presidential bid.

She’s trying to change the trajectory of her struggling campaign.

And Laura Ingraham put Nikki Haley on the spot, and viewers are furious at her response.

Sparks have been flying between Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley in the Republican Presidential Primary.

Haley, the choice for the GOP establishment and the media, has seen a small shift in momentum in polling but still struggles to crack double digits in most national polls.

She ramped up her attacks on the Florida Governor in an attempt to cement herself as the top alternative to former President Donald Trump in the Primary.

Fox News host Laura Ingraham said that DeSantis and Haley “need to debate it out” on her show, The Ingraham Angle.

“Well, I’d like to see Ron DeSantis versus Nikki Haley,” Ingraham said. “The two of them, I think, need to debate it out. That’s what we need to see at this point. And I think America would like to see that, as well. And we’re offering The Angle to do that.”

Ingraham put the offer out there for DeSantis and Haley to square off on her show.

The Florida Governor was quick to accept the offer on social media.

“Count me in!” DeSantis wrote.

DeSantis built his reputation by never backing down from a challenge.

Haley, on the other hand, tucked her tail and ran from the opportunity to defend her record on Fox News.

The former South Carolina Governor appeared on the Guy Benson Show where she said, “See you in Tuscaloosa.”

Tuscaloosa, Alabama is hosting the fourth Republican Presidential Primary debate scheduled in December.

Haley said that Republican National Committee (RNC) rules don’t allow GOP Presidential candidates to take part in unsanctioned debates.

She used that as an excuse to avoid having to defend the growing questions about her record in front of conservatives.

Ingraham said that Haley committed “political suicide” after her performance at the third Primary debate in Miami won praise from the media and RINOs.

“There’s no future in the Republican Party for someone who’s been endorsed by Politico and The New York Times,” Ingraham said.

The Fox News host praised DeSantis for his strong performance in that debate and said he was the only candidate on the stage who was “Presidential.”

Nikki Haley is backing down from a debate with Ron DeSantis because she doesn’t want her left-wing record exposed on national television to GOP Primary voters.

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