Law-enforcement officers instantly evacuated the police department after this Florida woman revealed what was in her car

May 14, 2024

Law-enforcement officials in Florida have seen it all.

But even the best police officer could have never predicted this.

And law-enforcement officers instantly evacuated the police department after this Florida woman revealed what was in her car.

Grenades have a long history of being used in warfare.

The first grenades, known as “fire balls,” were used in ancient China.

The “fire ball” grenades were made of metal or ceramic containers that were filled with gunpowder and ignited by a fuse.

In Medieval times, grenades were filled with a fiery substance and were mostly used during a siege to help break down fortifications or castle walls.

But like every other aspect of warfare, grenades have been upgraded and they now come in all different shapes and sizes and are used for multiple purposes.

Most Americans are familiar with the M26 “lemon” grenade and its successor, the M61 “pineapple” grenade, which have a safety lever and a pin that must be pulled to make it explode.

It is the type of grenade seen in Hollywood movies where a soldier pulls the pin, chunks the grenade at his enemy, and then takes cover to protect himself from the explosion.

Grenades have a long shelf life that allows them to be stored and used for extended periods.

That is why the officers working at the Boynton Beach Police Department instantly evacuated the building when a woman walked in on Thursday and informed them of what she had in her car.

On Thursday, an unidentified woman entered the police station and told the officer on duty that she had two grenades with the pins still attached in her car.

According to Boynton Beach Police Chief Joe DeGiulio, the woman acquired the grenades after her father passed away recently.

She took them to the police station in hopes that one of the officers could help her properly dispose of them.

After an officer confirmed that she did have two grenades in her car with the pin still attached, the Bomb Squad was dispatched to take care of the explosive.

Fortunately, the Bomb Squad determined that the grenades were inert and posed no threat to the area.

“One of the things that we definitely want to stress for anybody in our community, if you see things in your house that are possibly grenades, don’t bring them to the police department,” DeGiulio said. “Just leave them home, call 911, and we’ll come out to you guys.”

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