Leftists tried to smear Ron DeSantis’ refusal to take Biden’s “green money” but it backfired in a major way

Sep 7, 2023

Woke activists are always looking for ways to take down Governor Ron DeSantis.

And in their latest failed attempt, they attacked DeSantis for not taking $350 Million in federal funds right before Hurricane Idalia hit.

But as it turns out, leftists’ failed attempt to smear Ron DeSantis backfired in a major way.

The truth: DeSantis rejected Biden’s climate change bribe

Biden is determined to push his socialist “green energy” nonsense onto the masses.

And while some Governor’s fall for it – DeSantis knew better.

Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act allows Florida to accept $350 million in “energy efficiency” incentives.

And while $350 million sounds good in theory – there’s always a catch.

Biden’s intent for the money was allegedly intended to help tackle climate change.

“DeSantis used a line-item veto in June to reject a $5 million federal grant to set up a rebate program for Floridians who retrofit their homes with energy efficient appliances,” reported The New Republic.

As a result, Florida was unable to access the $341 million the Inflation Reduction Act designated to fund the program.

Floridians don’t want Biden’s “green agenda”

Biden boasts about his “green agenda” and has even gone so far as to push electric cars to phase out gas-powered cars altogether.

It’s insane.

And Biden’s extreme obsession with “clean energy” comes at a high price – and will put countless Americans out of business.

People shouldn’t feel pressured to retrofit their home with “green appliances” and should have the freedom to choose how to structure their own homes.

Ron DeSantis made the right call to reject Biden’s money – and despite what the Left may say, it had no impact on how he handled Hurricane Idalia.

DeSantis led Floridians through Hurricane Idalia

The media teamed up with leftists hoping to smear DeSantis as failing to accept federal funds since Florida is in a hurricane zone.

MSNBC ranted “climate denialism” does not protect the people of Florida, and claimed “climate denialism results in status quo policies that make people in hurricane territory even more vulnerable.”

No, what makes people vulnerable is depending on the federal government to solve all their problems.

DeSantis led people through Hurricane Idalia by having resources and a structure in place – and proved to Floridians they didn’t need Biden’s “green money” to function.

Leftists continue to try and take down DeSantis with bogus claims and fear mongering tactics.

But they fail every single time.

DeSantis has proven he’s tough as nails and has the command and strength to resist attacks from his enemies.

Whether it’s Donald Trump or MSNBC . . .

. . . both extremes have failed to take down Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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