LGBT activists are losing their minds at the reality of what DeSantis will do to their radical agenda

Jan 26, 2024

Ron DeSantis is back in Florida and LGBT activists are having a meltdown.

They are terrified of Governor DeSantis and his conservative policies because they know he will not put up with their shenanigans.

And now LGBT activists are losing their minds at the reality of what DeSantis will do next.

DeSantis’ anti-woke record

Ron DeSantis has a proven record of taking down woke activists in Florida.

He went to war with Disney and stopped radical left-wing execs dead in their tracks.

When LGBT activists were gunning for girls, DeSantis stood up for young females everywhere and banned men from participating in women’s sports.

DeSantis refused to let the woke agenda of the radical Left dictate policies in Florida.

When grown adults were targeting children helping them “transition”,  DeSantis made it a criminal offense.

LGBT activists might get away with strong-arming other Governors to do their bidding, but DeSantis is not intimidated.

LGBT activists are losing their minds

One 14-year-old boy who “identifies” as a girl claims DeSantis is trying to stop him from living out his “true identity as a girl.”

Terrified of DeSantis, the young boy said “Can he just go away now? We don’t want him back here,” VICE News reported.

But instead of insisting her child get therapy, the young boy’s mother agreed.

Referring to her son as “Mila,” the mom told VICE News “Now he’s banned my daughter’s school from using her chosen pronouns, she can’t do sports, she can’t get transitioning help. If I give Mila the puberty blockers she wants, I could be reported and she’d be taken away from me. Ain’t that crazy?”

What’s crazy is a mother thinking it’s acceptable to give her minor child puberty blockers to “change genders”.

A mass exodus

Some LGBT folks claim Florida is “so bad” under Governor DeSantis they have no choice but to flee the Sunshine State.

Brandon Wolf from the Human Rights Campaign is terrified of DeSantis’ return to Florida and said “The amount of damage Ron DeSantis has done as governor, the number of people he’s hurt, the communities he’s shredded, the queer lives he’s upended, it’s hard to put it into perspective,” VICE News reported. 

Leftists will always claim conservative policies “hurt people”,  not realizing that Americans are tired of being terrorized by woke Democrats determined to unleash their radical agenda onto the masses.

It is amazing the Left cries for conservatives to be “tolerant” while losing their minds if anyone dares to disagree with their left-wing agenda.

Now that DeSantis is back in Florida, he can focus on continuing to govern with his conservative policies that will make Florida a true safe haven from the woke mob.

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