MSNBC reporters turned white as a ghost when caucus goers confronted them with this obvious reality

Nov 15, 2023

The Iowa caucus is right around the corner.

A scramble is underway to gain the backing of Iowa Republicans.

And MSNBC reporters turned as white as a ghost when caucus goers confronted them with this obvious reality.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is building an impressive political operation in Iowa, the first state on the GOP Presidential Primary calendar.

He picked up the most influential endorsement of the Primary cycle from Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds.

Reynolds is one of the most popular and influential conservatives in the Hawkeye State after she romped to a nearly 20-point victory in the Midterm Elections.

She became the first Iowa Governor to issue a GOP presidential Primary endorsement since 1996 by backing DeSantis.

The Reynolds endorsement is already making waves with potential caucus goers in Iowa.

MSNBC reporter Shaquille Brewster interviewed Iowans who plan to caucus next January about whether the endorsement of DeSantis by Reynolds had any impact on how they view the GOP candidates.

“Nearly everyone in that room raised their hand and said they view him more favorably,” Brewster said of DeSantis. “They like their Governor. They appreciate the record that she has and what she’s been able to do in the state.”

He added that the endorsement is making them more interested in DeSantis.

Brewster also said that there was a consensus from the room full of Iowa Republicans that he spoke with that former President Donald Trump should appear at the Primary debates.

Polling shows that about 75% of voters in Iowa haven’t firmly locked into a GOP candidate to caucus for and are still open about their selection.

Trump has a firm grasp on about 25% of caucus goers, but the rest are potentially up for grabs.

The Reynolds endorsement is already putting DeSantis in a more favorable light with Iowa Republicans.

The Florida Governor is putting in the hard work of crisscrossing the state to meet with Iowans with the goal of traveling to every one of the state’s 99 counties by the caucus.

DeSantis already picked up endorsements from conservative activists, state legislators, and grassroots leaders in Iowa.

Meanwhile, Trump has only made two appearances in Iowa in recent months.

The Reynolds endorsement is a major coup as he looks to court Iowa Republicans ahead of the state’s caucus next January.

A win in Iowa for Ron DeSantis could change the direction of the Primary and give his campaign serious momentum heading into the early Primary states.

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