MSNBC viewers were stunned by what Howard Dean said about Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis

Jul 7, 2022

Joe Biden’s Presidency is a disaster.

This has Democrats worried sick about the 2024 election.

But MSNBC viewers were stunned by what Howard Dean said about Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis.

Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis are by far the two most popular Republicans in America.

This makes them the two Republicans who the Democrats fear the most.

Former Democrat National Committee Chairman Howard Dean recently appeared on MSNBC’s The Beat where he discussed the possibility of Trump or DeSantis running for President.

After claiming more and more Republicans were turning on Donald Trump because of all the “violence associated with him,” guest host Jason Johnson asked Howard Dean about the former President running again in 2024.

“Do you think any of these potential allegations could influence when he will make an announcement? Or do you think it is just a done deal that the former president will run again in 2024?” Johnson asked Dean.

“I don’t think it is a done deal at all,” Dean responded, adding that “I have no idea what his calculation is.”

Dean said he believes Donald Trump is the reason why Democrats won in key battleground states like Georgia.

“There were a number of Republican women, moderate Republican women, in the suburbs who couldn’t stomach voting for this crook, this disgusting person,” Dean said about Trump losing Georgia to Joe Biden.

Even though Dean doesn’t know if Trump will run, unlike other Democrats, he claims that he is “actually hoping Trump does run” in 2024.

However, there is one Republican who terrifies Howard Dean.

After claiming Trump is suffering from “illness” and “acute narcissism,” Dean said there are “younger people in that Party that are much scarier” than the former President, such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

“DeSantis, for one, who requires, just today announced he would require all students in Florida’s colleges to declare their political– their views,” Dean said, before adding, “I mean, this guy is a fascist.”

Nevermind that ridiculous claim was debunked more than a year ago.

And, of course, leftist Howard Dean also believes Trump is a “fascist.”

However, he said that “Trump is too narcissistic and ill to be a successful fascist,” making him much “easier to beat than any of the other potential candidates.”

Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis are the top two contenders for the Republican nomination in 2024.

Even though most everyone expects Trump to run again, no one really knows whether Ron DeSantis is planning a bid for the White House.

But polls show both Trump and DeSantis defeating Joe Biden in a hypothetical head-to-head matchup.

And this has Democrats terrified of the former President and Florida Governor.

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