MSNBC’s Joy Reid made one disgusting statement about Ron DeSantis that will make your blood boil

Sep 30, 2022

The left-wing media is terrified of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

They’ll do or say just about anything to try to take him down.

And MSNBC’s Joy Reid made one disgusting statement about Ron DeSantis that will make your blood boil.

Hurricane Ian made landfall Wednesday on the west coast of Florida as a Category 4 storm and wreaked havoc across the entire state before it exited the northeastern portion on Thursday.

The entire country was shocked at the horrific scenes coming out of Florida in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian.

According to Director of the Florida Division of Emergency Management, Kevin Guthrie, at least 21 people have been found dead as of Friday morning.

Florida is reeling from the impact of the storm, as some counties were completely knocked “off the grid” and will require a rebuilding of infrastructure.

“Sarasota has a quarter of a million without power,” DeSantis said Thursday during a press conference. “Hillsborough, 222,000. Pinellas, 150,000. Manatee, 129,000. The Charlotte and Lee reconnects are really going to likely have to be a rebuilding of that infrastructure.”

“But that’s going to be more than just connecting a power line back to a pole,” he continued. “The other counties likely are not going to require the extent of the structural rebuild, but of course that’s going to be assessed as the day goes on.”

Most Americans are saddened by the destruction and loss of life inflicted on Florida by Hurricane Ian.

Even California Governor Gavin Newsom, who spent the past several months attacking DeSantis, put his politics aside for a little bit and offered to help Floridians in any way possible.

However, some members of the left-wing media hate Ron DeSantis too much to put their politics aside during a crisis.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid is one of the most deranged, left-wing hosts on cable TV.

She frequently launches insane attacks against DeSantis during her show that hardly anyone watches.

Reid once called DeSantis “an authoritarian on the fascist spectrum” and accused him of carrying out the agenda of the “white nationalist movement” in America.

And during Thursday’s episode of The ReidOut, Joe Reid gloated about Ron DeSantis having to go to Joe Biden to request approval for FEMA disaster relief.

“This is going to become a federal issue,” Reid began. “People are going to have to go to FEMA,” she continued, before adding that “people are going to have to go to the feds for that money.”

Reid then seemed to be happy about the fact that Ron DeSantis would have to request aid from Joe Biden.

“Now, he’s going to have to go hat-in-hand to Joe Biden for aid,” Reid said.

Ron DeSantis is requesting federal aid because Hurricane Ian ripped across the state and dealt historic damage to property and resulted in at least 21 lost lives.

But Joy Reid is so sick with DeSantis Derangement Syndrome that she doesn’t care about the millions of Floridians who are suffering from the damage caused by Ian.

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