New Hampshire’s Republican Governor said three words on CNN about Ron DeSantis that caught everyone off guard

Jan 31, 2023

Ron DeSantis is considered a top contender for the GOP nomination next year.

The Florida Governor is currently keeping his 2024 plans close to his chest.

But New Hampshire’s Republican Governor said three words on CNN about Ron DeSantis that caught everyone off guard.

In 2024, the Iowa Caucuses will kick off the Republican Presidential nomination followed by the first Primary vote taking place in New Hampshire and then in South Carolina.

This makes Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina the top states for potential candidates to visit ahead of the 2024 race.

New Hampshire Republican Governor Chris Sununu recently appeared on CNN’s State of the Union to discuss the 2024 Presidential Primary race with host Dana Bash.

Donald Trump surprised the political class by winning the New Hampshire Primary in 2016.

“Could he do it again?” Sununu responded when Bash reminded him of Trump’s 2016 victory. 

“Oh, he could,” Sununu continued, before adding “I don’t think he will.”

A recent poll taken by the University of New Hampshire showed Ron DeSantis leading Trump 42% to 30% among likely Republican voters in the Granite State.

Sununu said he believes the poll is accurate based on what he is seeing on the ground in New Hampshire.

He brought up Trump’s visit to the Granite State over the weekend as an example of the former President’s waning popularity.

Sununu described the speech Trump delivered on Saturday in New Hampshire as “very mundane.”

“The response we have received is, he read his teleprompter, he stuck to the talking points, he went away,” Sununu said. “So he’s not really bringing that fire, that energy, I think, that a lot of folks saw in ’16.”

Sununu said the speech was “a little disappointing to some folks” and that Trump even admitted it wasn’t his best performance.

But when it comes to 2024, Sununu believes Trump’s biggest threat to winning the nomination comes from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

“Obviously, DeSantis and Trump are the two candidates . . . whether he’s [DeSantis] declared or not,” Sununu said. “He has hundreds of millions of dollars, so obviously, Ron DeSantis is looking to run for President, which is fine.” 

Then the New Hampshire Governor said three words about Ron DeSantis that caught CNN viewers by surprise.

“And he would probably win New Hampshire right now,” Sununu said, before adding, “without a doubt.”

Donald Trump is currently the only major candidate to officially launch a 2024 Presidential campaign.  

But Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is expected to enter the race when the legislative session ends in May.

And that means a likely showdown between him and Donald Trump for the Republican nomination.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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