Nikki Fried just sent Ron DeSantis one letter that shows how out of touch Democrats are with voters

May 20, 2022

Democrats are facing a rough political atmosphere in November.

They’re desperately looking for a way to turn things around.

And Nikki Fried just sent Ron DeSantis one letter that shows how out of touch Democrats are with voters.

Agricultural Commissioner Nikki Fried is one of the top two Democrats seeking the opportunity to take on Ron DeSantis this fall.

With Democrat Charlie Crist surging in the Primary polls, Nikki Fried is making desperate moves to try and save her failing campaign.

The latest act of desperation came when Nikki Fried used her position as Agricultural Commissioner as an attempt to paint Ron DeSantis as the one to blame for skyrocketing gas and food prices.

Polls show inflation is the top issue for voters heading into the November Midterm elections.

On Thursday, Nikki Fried sent a letter to Ron DeSantis’ office urging him to “issue an emergency declaration due to the high cost of food and gas in Florida.”

“I am calling on @GovRonDeSantis to issue an emergency declaration easing the burden of skyrocketing food and gas prices on consumers and allowing @FDACS to take emergency action under its gas regulatory authority,” Fried wrote in a post on Twitter where she shared a copy of the letter.

“Floridians need relief NOW, not right before the election.”

In her letter, Fried placed the blame for skyrocketing gas and food prices on Vladimir Putin, writing that “gasoline and grain prices have risen as a direct result of Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked war in Ukraine.”

Fried is simply parroting the Biden administration’s talking point that Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is responsible for skyrocketing inflation.

Of course, this is patently false.

Biden and the Democrats declared war on American domestic energy production.

That’s one of the reasons gas prices and inflation started skyrocketing the moment Joe Biden took office, which was well before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The other reason for skyrocketing inflation is the fact that Joe Biden and the Democrats pumped trillions of “stimulus” dollars into the economy during the COVID pandemic.

But skyrocketing inflation was not the only area where Nikki Fried tried to deflect the blame away from Democrats.

Fried also mentioned the supply chain crisis and shortages facing Americans across the country in her letter.

However, once again, Fried missed one important fact.

Joe Biden, Anthony Fauci, and the Democrats’ lockdowns, forced closures, and mandates are what caused the supply chain to break down in the first place.

DeSantis’ spokesperson, Christina Pushaw, took Nikki Fried to task for trying to place the blame for skyrocketing inflation on anyone other than Joe Biden.

“Commissioner Fried would better serve Floridians by using her platform to call attention to Biden Administration policies that have contributed to the spike in fuel prices,” Pushaw replied on Twitter. “She could suggest some constructive policy changes at the federal level to address this national challenge.”

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