Nikki Fried put the nail in her campaign’s coffin with this one outrageous promise she just made to voters

Aug 2, 2022

On August 23, Democrats in Florida will choose their nominee to take on Ron DeSantis in November.

Congressman Charlie Crist is currently leading Agricultural Commissioner Nikki Fried in the polls.

But Nikki Fried put the nail in her campaign’s coffin with this one outrageous promise she just made to voters.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is facing his first re-election this fall.

In 2018, DeSantis defeated Democrat Andrew Gillum by a razor-thin margin of 49.6% to 49.2%.

But since his narrow victory in 2018, Ron DeSantis has gained a national following among Republican voters nationwide.

DeSantis is now the most popular Republican elected official in America.

Polls consistently show that if Donald Trump decides not to run for President again in 2024, the GOP nomination would be Ron DeSantis’ for the taking.

DeSantis’ rise to rock star status in the Republican Party also made him a top target of the Democrats and their allies in the corporate-controlled press.

Of course, Democrats are facing an uphill battle against DeSantis this fall, as his willingness to stand up for freedom also increased his favorability numbers in the Sunshine State.

Not only is DeSantis crushing his opponents in fundraising, but polls also show him defeating both Nikki Fried and Charlie Crist in a hypothetical head-to-head matchup.

With the August 23 Primary just around the corner, Nikki Fried is desperately searching for a way to gain ground on Charlie Crist.

But Nikki Fried only digs herself further into a hole every time she opens her mouth.

Fried is attempting to gain ground on Charlie Crist by appealing to far-Left voters.

The latest example occurred during an interview with hip-hop legend Luther Luke Campbell and Stephen Johnson, the past Chair of 100 Black Men of South Florida and a member of the Miami-Dade Black Affairs Advisory Board.

In the aftermath of the death of George Floyd, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed legislation establishing a task force to study and develop a plan for reparations in the state.

After Johnson complained about not being able to find Fried’s position on reparations in any of her campaign materials, he asked her if she would sign a reparations task force bill if elected as Governor.

“Yes, of course it would be,” Fried responded. “I think these are hard conversations to have but we have to have them.”

Inflation is skyrocketing, the economy just entered a recession, the border is wide open, and crime is surging.

Polls show the economy and inflation are the top concerns of most voters heading into the November Midterms.

Thanks to Ron DeSantis’ leadership, Floridians are set to weather the storm caused by Joe Biden and the Democrats’ failures much better than the rest of the country.

But instead of addressing the real issues facing voters, Nikki Fried is promising to take Florida in the same direction as left-wing California if she’s elected as Governor.

And Nikki Fried will pay the price on August 23.

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