Nikki Haley was left rattled and shaken after DeSantis crushed her in this public forum

Jan 12, 2024

Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley traded insults and jabs during their first one-on-one debate.

But while DeSantis remained cool, Nikki Haley publicly unraveled and resorted to desperate measures.

And at the end of the debate, Haley was left rattled and shaken after DeSantis crushed her.

Even CNN mocked Haley

Leftist pundits at CNN are used to bashing DeSantis.

But Haley was so awful in her last debate performance, former Senior Advisor to Barack Obama, David Axelrod, could not help but call out Haley’s weak performance.

“He got under her skin,” Axelrod said, referring to the DeSantis vs. Haley debate.

Speaking to Haley’s statement about raising the retirement age, Axelrod admitted it would not sit well with the Republican Party.

Not missing a beat, Axelrod continued to tear down Haley’s performance “Her stated position that we should raise the retirement age of social security for new entrants into the workforce, I mean it may be an intellectually respectable position, I certainly could make the argument, but it is a very volatile issue and Trump and DeSantis have both taken the other side of it.”

“And if she’s rattled by these things, she better get her act together because I think this is just the beginning,” Axelrod added.

Scott Jennings, former Special Assistant to President George W. Bush chimed in.

“I think DeSantis won tonight,” Jennings said.

Agreeing with Axelrod, Jennings added “Haley continued to be rattled.”

Haley was left grasping at straws

As DeSantis continued to call out Haley’s double-mindedness, Haley had no defense.

All she could do was direct people to a bogus website bashing DeSantis, a website she continued to mention 16 times during the debate.

Haley might have thought she was sticking it to DeSantis, but political commentators agreed she just looked desperate.

“I think Haley drastically overplayed her hand on this website business, I think it hurt her, I think it cratered her throughout the night and it sounded like someone to me, the more she went to that well like someone who couldn’t defend her own record,” Jennings said on CNN.

He added “The more she went to it, the more annoying, frankly, it seemed throughout the night,”

Haley doesn’t have what it takes

Nikki Haley may enjoy short bursts to her campaign as she courts establishment donors.

But Haley does not have the grit to withstand criticism from her opponents, and she certainly cannot beat Donald Trump.

Donald Trump would annihilate Nikki Haley in an election, and so would DeSantis if given the opportunity.

Haley’s best hope at maintaining her political career is if an establishment RINO appoints her to some useless position.

Otherwise, Haley might as well enjoy her brief moment of fame, because it will all be over soon.

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