One CNN commentator is under fire for linking Ron DeSantis to this violent attack

Jan 30, 2023

The left-wing media has accused Ron DeSantis of just about everything under the sun over the past two years.

But this one accusation went way too far.

And now one CNN commentator is under fire for linking Ron DeSantis to this violent attack.

Most Americans are shocked and horrified by the bodycam footage of five black police officers in Memphis, Tennessee brutally beating 29-year old Tyre Nichols to death.

The five officers, Tadarrius Bean, Demetrius Haley, Desmond Mills, Emmitt Martin, and Justin Smith, have all been charged with second-degree murder in the death of Nichols, who is also black.

Of course, this tragedy has nothing to do with Ron DeSantis, as it took place in Memphis, which is nearly 600 miles away from Tallahassee where the Governor resides.

But that didn’t stop CNN political commentator and former Representative Mondaire Jones (D-NY) from using the tragedy to smear and attack DeSantis as a racist.

According to Jones, DeSantis’ recent decision to reject a woke AP course is somehow linked to the police brutality in Memphis.

“If you think the Memphis police officers had to be white in order to exhibit anti-Blackness, you need to take that AP African American Studies course Ron DeSantis just banned,” Jones wrote Friday on Twitter.

Conservatives on Twitter quickly rushed to DeSantis’ defense and blasted Jones for his outrageous comment.

“It’s the thinking FROM that course DeSantis opposed that has people thinking like stupid things like this,” Washington Examiner columnist Christopher Tremoglie wrote.

“This is a textbook example of starting from a conclusion and working backward to find evidence that supports that conclusion,” conservative commentator Peter Boghossian wrote. “In this case it is actually worse as the fallacious process is foisted upon students by authority figures who will grade on conforming to the conclusion.”

“If you blame white supremacy for black on black crime, you’ve probably taken way too many of those kinds of courses,” The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh wrote.

But it wasn’t just conservative commentators who called out Jones for attacking DeSantis.

DeSantis Deputy Press Secretary Jeremy Redfern wrote that “this is next level [clown world].”

The fact that leftists in the media are using the police brutality in Memphis, Tennessee to attack DeSantis when it clearly has nothing to do with him only shows how much the Florida Governor is feared by the Left. 

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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