One of Donald Trump’s biggest supporters just FLIPPED and you won’t believe why he supports Ron DeSantis

May 5, 2023

Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump are in competition to win the support of GOP donors.

DeSantis is pulling ahead.

And one of Donald Trump’s biggest supporters just flipped and you won’t believe why he supports Ron DeSantis.

Ron DeSantis raised a record $200 million for his Florida Gubernatorial reelection campaign.

$86 million of that money remains and DeSantis can transfer that to the Never Back Down Super PAC once DeSantis announces his campaign.

The pro-DeSantis Never Back Down Super PAC also secured an additional $100 million in pledges, which is twice what Donald Trump’s Super PAC has on hand.

That’s heightened the competition between the two over GOP megadonors that can fund a campaign.

DeSantis scored a major victory when Trump supporter Peter Thiel – who spent $35 million in 2022 on pro-Trump Senate candidates J.D. Vance and Blake Masters – declared he would “strongly support” DeSantis if he wins the nomination in 2024.

“I think DeSantis will make a terrific President. If he’s the Republican nominee, I will strongly support him in 2024,” Thiel told journalist Bari Weiss.

Billionaires like Thiel are looking to bet on a winner who can enact a conservative agenda and DeSantis looks like their man.

However, Thiel worried that DeSantis focusing on expelling woke ideology from Florida – the policy area where DeSantis really made his name over the course of the last year – worked to the detriment of DeSantis’ general election prospects.

“But I do worry that focusing on the woke issue as ground zero is not quite enough,” Thiel added.

Thiel said fighting back against wokeism is important, but it distracted from Joe Biden driving the economy into a ditch.

“Things can be both important and a distraction at the same time,” Thiel continued. “The focus on identity politics, on the woke religion is probably a distraction from stagnation. It’s a distraction from economics. It’s a distraction from the way in which the younger generation in the US is probably gonna have a hard time getting the same standard of living as their parents.”

The economy is always the number one issue in any election.

But in recent years, parents becoming aware of the woke brainwashing left-wing activists subjected their children to rose in importance.

In 2021, Glenn Youngkin became the first Republican to win the Virginia Gubernatorial election since 2009 riding the wave of a parent’s backlash to Critical Race Theory and gender ideology making their way into their children’s classrooms.

And Ron DeSantis could follow a similar path to victory in 2024 if he is the GOP nominee.

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