One of Donald Trump’s sons left his father’s campaign furious after he uttered these three words about Ron DeSantis

Sep 12, 2023

The conventional wisdom is that Donald Trump has the GOP primary sewn up.

Momentum can quickly change before the votes are cast.

And now one of Trump’s sons left his father’s campaign furious after he uttered these three words about Ron DeSantis.

The Trump campaign is sounding the alarm about Ron DeSantis in this key state.

The Iowa caucuses are the first contest on the Republican presidential primary calendar next year.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is putting in a serious effort to come out as the state’s winner next January.

He’s crisscrossing the state and well on his way toward visiting every one of Iowa’s 99 counties by the caucus.

DeSantis is building a grassroots campaign in the state that claims that over 12,000 Iowans have already pledged to caucus for him.

The Florida Governor is leaning hard into retail politics by shaking hands and kissing babies at events across the state as he tries to score a potential breakthrough win.

Former President Donald Trump is leading in the polls in Iowa but members of his team are worried about his campaign’s lack of organization in the state.

An Iowa Republican operative told NBC News that the Trump campaign is scrambling to fill jobs in the state that “should have been filled six to eight months ago.”

Sources including Trump campaign officials, Iowa Republicans, and strategists told NBC News that the Trump campaign is behind the eight ball in building the campaign infrastructure needed to secure voters.

Donald Trump Jr. sounded the alarm about the lack of preparation in Iowa and is trying to get the situation turned around.

He said that he was worried about the lack of experienced operatives in Iowa claiming they need “an adult in the room.”

Trump Jr. added Ron DeSantis has the Trump team ‘running from behind’ according to an NBC News source.

According to the source, Trump Jr. warned “that they were running from behind in getting things going, and that there was concern about that at the highest levels.”

He added that “they were giving DeSantis too many opportunities.”

Trump Jr. denied the report on social media.

Iowa is a key part of the DeSantis campaign’s plan to establish him with an early victory.

A win by DeSantis in the state would pierce the aura of inevitably around Trump and give him major momentum heading into the other early primary states.

While DeSantis has been all over Iowa, Trump’s visits to the state are down compared to the 2016 GOP primary.

Trump has only made six visits to Iowa this year and skipped out on some of the biggest candidate events in the state.

“They’re not laying the groundwork well enough to feel secure going into the end of December,” a former Trump advisor said. “I know there’s an operation. I’m hearing that there’s something going on. But it’s hard to see it.”

DeSantis on the other hand has recruited organizing chairs for the caucus in every county in the state.

Story County Republican Party chair Brett Barker said that the DeSantis campaign went to work early in the state canvassing voters.

Iowa could be the launchpad for Ron DeSantis to vault back into contention.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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