One of the world’s dumbest criminals was caught red-handed committing this foolish act

Jun 27, 2024

Some crooks are slick and get away with their devious acts.

But then there are the bad guys who mess up so bad it is embarrassing, even kind of funny. 

And one of the world’s dumbest criminals was caught red-handed committing this foolish act. 

How not to rob a bank

Colton Vanhonhenstein decided he needed a little bit of extra cash.

But unlike most people who work extra hours or sell personal belongings, Colton decided he was going to rob a bank.

Except he had no idea what he was doing.

He schemed up his plan, thinking a face mask would conceal his identity so police officers would not find him.

While robbers typically do wear masks, they are usually prepared when they go to rob a bank.

But not Colton!

Apparently, Colton did not have a face mask on hand so he went and bought one, across the street of the bank he was going to rob.

World’s dumbest criminal

Colton does not seem to understand how the world works.

Nearly every store in America has surveillance cameras monitoring a customer’s every move.

Did Colton not understand that since he was maskless walking into a store that the camera would capture his face?

Apparently not.

He thought he was so clever that after purchasing his face mask, he strolled across the street to rob Wells Fargo.

But as it turns out, Colton’s plan failed.

A major security breach

Even stranger when Colton went to rob the bank it was closed.

But the door was unlocked, so he strolled right in.

Colton thought he won except the Wells Fargo security system alerted law enforcement about a “bank robbery in-progress,” Fox News reported.

Even more disappointing for Colton, as he started to open drawers and cabinets he discovered they were all empty.


So, he walked away with nothing.

But his day got even worse.

Law enforcement officers were able to track him down quickly once they saw video footage of his unmasked face from the store across the street.

Poor guy. 

Colton may have watched one too many movies on Netflix about bank robberies and thought he was slick enough to pull it off.

But he lost money in this robbery, as he is out the money he spent to purchase the mask.

Martin County Sheriff’s Office posted about the incident on Facebook and added “Because security footage clearly captured images of the suspect buying the mask used in this incident, he was located and arrested this afternoon. He was charged with burglary despite the fact that the only thing he walked with was the mask that set him back five bucks.”

Now that he has been arrested, he is going to be out a lot more than five bucks.

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