One thief stole from the wrong waitress and ended up paying a hefty price

May 17, 2024

Hell hath no fury like a waitress scorned.

And while a local thief thought he could pull one over on an unsuspecting waitress, he was in for the surprise of his life.

But nothing prepared him for what happened next once he learned he stole from the wrong waitress.

Don’t mess with a waitress’s money

Waitresses work hard and are often forced to endure harsh working conditions.

Most do not even make minimum wage and depend on tips from their customers to survive.

And even with good service, many waitresses are shocked to learn they have been stiffed with no tip.

They are forced to put up with the worst members of society like the drunk college kids who “forget” to tip or entitled suburban Karens who complain about the trace of “gluten” in their food.

So, when 26-year-old Miurell Vargas learned a guy she had waited on broke her car window and stole her belongings, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

A car crash and a black eye

Upon learning she had been robbed, Vargas was determined to retrieve what was rightfully hers.

But instead of calling the police to report the crime, she hopped in her car to chase after the thief.

Upon spotting him walking down the street, Vargas was so focused on getting her stuff back her car collided with another vehicle, Miami news affiliate WSVN reported.

She then got out of the car and approached the thief directly, punching him in the face to get her stuff back.

Vargas said “He was yelling it wasn’t my bag and that I was crazy. That made me even more mad because he knew it was my bag. He put his hand behind him, so I thought he was gonna pull out a knife or a gun and that’s when I started punching him,” reported WSVN.


As it turns out, the thief stole items that had sentimental value to her which money could not replace.

“My mom’s picture was in my wallet, and my mom passed away eight years ago, so that was of sentimental value for me that I needed to recover,” Vargas said.

Be careful who you rob

The thief was arrested (with a black eye) and Vargas was able to get her items back.

While Vargas was brave, she admitted that she doesn’t “recommend” doing what she did to regain her items.

The situation could have had a sober ending had the car crash turned deadly, or if the thief pulled a knife or gun on Vargas.

But at least her story had a happy ending, and she was able to recover the irreplaceable photo of her late mother.

As for the thief, hopefully he’s punished enough where he’ll think twice about robbing someone ever again.

Especially a waitress.

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