Outrage erupts over a shocking Donald Trump clip that spit in the face of millions who supported him

Oct 31, 2023

With his current lead in the polls, Trump has seemingly become increasingly arrogant.

He doesn’t bother to show up to debates and is already starting to move his positions to the left.

Now outrage is erupting after a shocking video surfaced that has Trump practically spitting in the face of millions who supported him.

When Trump first ran for President in 2016, his main campaign promise was to build a border wall and make Mexico pay for it.

But as President, Trump never got close to finishing the wall.

Rather than admit that he failed to deliver on his promise, he mocked those conservatives that took his word at face value.

Trump recently said you are a loser if you expected that Mexico would pay for “a piece of the wall.”

Trump has made it clear that none of the campaign promises he’s made matter to him.

Many who supported Trump in 2016 saw building the wall as a promise to be kept, not just an empty campaign slogan.

DeSantis has drawn a clear contrast and has vowed to finish the job Trump failed to complete.

“With me, everything I tell you I’m going to do, write it down,” DeSantis told a crowd at an event in a Cedar Rapids church. “I’m going to follow through.”

DeSantis has a plan to not only finish the wall, but to have some of it paid for by Mexican migrants.

His plan would finance the wall with additional fees on money migrant workers earn in the U.S., but send back to their home countries.

“It’s billions of dollars you’ll raise, and we’re going to pile that right into building the border wall,” he said. “So not only am I going to keep my promises, I’m going to keep other people’s promises, too.”

As DeSantis has pointed out, Trump in 2023 no longer has the same energy as Trump in 2016, and has been more concerned with himself than pursuing the America First agenda.

America First conservatives need to decide to continue to go with the guy that thumbs his nose at them, or the Governor with a proven track record of delivering on his promises.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments to this ongoing story.

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