Parents in Florida are fuming after Ron DeSantis exposed how the radical Left is grooming young children in the classroom

Mar 10, 2023

Ron DeSantis set his sights on removing all traces of the Left’s woke ideology from classrooms and schools across Florida.

Democrats and the left-wing media are determined to stop him.

But now parents in Florida are fuming after Ron DeSantis exposed how the radical Left is grooming young children in the classroom.

The left-wing media and Democrats are spreading nasty lies about Ron DeSantis for banning books that violate the state’s Stop WOKE Act.

After his State of the State Address on Tuesday, DeSantis put reporters on notice that he was about to “expose exactly the books that parents are concerned about” and warned them that the material would be too “graphic” to even air on television.

“We’re gonna expose exactly the books that parents are concerned about. You guys will not even be able to put it on your air because it’s gonna be so, so graphic,” DeSantis told reporters.

On Wednesday, DeSantis followed through with his promise to debunk the “book hoax” at an event where he displayed some of the sexually explicit books found in Florida schools.

Just before the press conference, a video played showcasing some of the materials discovered in schools.

“Here are the books parents found in Florida schools and reported to their school districts for removal,” text on the screen read ahead of the press conference. “What was found is shocking, graphic, and we warn you . . . is not appropriate for children.”

The video then introduces the first book, Flamer, by Mike Curato.

“The camp the boys go to in the book has an island that the book says looks like a frying pan. ‘But we’re all certain it looks like ‘c*ck and balls,’” the narrator said, citing text from the book along with images from it.

“It also contains a shower scene with a group of boys where a young man gets an erection. Another where boy watches porn and asks why is there so much hair while noting that those d*cks are so big?’” the narrator continued. “Those d*cks are so . . . BIG,” an illustration from the book shows the boy remarking.

The video showcases several other disgusting books available to children in Florida schools that DeSantis is removing.

“Children saw these images. Florida parents saw these images. And now you’ve seen these images. This is porn. These books violate Florida standards and curriculum. The hoax from the Left is that these books were never in Florida schools,” the narrator concludes.

In his press conference after the video, DeSantis noted that the content was so graphic that some networks had to cut the feed during the presentation.

“That video, I think some of the news had to cut the feed because it’s graphic,” DeSantis said. “I just think parents, when they’re sending their kids to school, they should not have to worry about this garbage being in the schools.”

DeSantis shared a graphic on social media debunking the “book hoax” along with a message about empowering parents.

Ron DeSantis just exposed how the media lies while at the same time exposing how leftists groom children in schools.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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