Police were floored by what a pantless Florida man wearing a ladies blouse did with rubber snakes and motor oil

Jun 12, 2024

It was a normal night on the job for law-enforcement officers at Florida’s Martin County Jail on Monday.

But that all changed when a crazed man crashed his car through the front door of the station.

And police were floored by what a pantless Florida man wearing a ladies blouse did with rubber snakes and motor oil.

Law-enforcement officers on duty at the Martin County Jail received the shock of their lives on Monday.

It all started when a Toyota Sedan suddenly crashed through the front lobby of the jail and sent the place into chaos.

“The suspect drove from the parking lot, up the walkway then crashed through the glass lobby doors,” the Martin County Sheriff’s Office wrote in a press release. “He was not able to breach the inner steel security doors,” the release continued. “No one was in the lobby at the time of the crash.” 

But a car driving through the front door was only the beginning of what would be an incident that these police officers would talk about for years.

Joseph Leedy, 40, jumped out of the car while wearing a woman’s blouse and no pants.

Leedy started pouring motor oil all over the floor of the lobby and told the officers that he wanted to set the building on fire.

He then grabbed a wad of rubber snakes, tossed them on the floor with the motor oil, and announced that he was there to “kill everyone.”

“After crashing through the doors, Leedy got out of the vehicle wearing a ladies blouse, no pants, and poured motor oil on the lobby floor saying he wanted to set it on fire,” the press release read. “He continued making homicidal statements about police officers and expressed his desire to ‘kill everyone’ while he threw rubber snakes on the floor and fought with deputies and fire rescue personnel.”  

Leedy did not make it past the lobby area because he was unable to breach the steel doors.

When the officers told him to step away from the vehicle, Leedy responded “with a blank stare.”

Police finally subdued Leedy after they tased him.

Officer Brycen Vanatwerp wrote in the police report that “Mr. Leedy uttered the ‘devil made me do it, why didn’t you shoot me, and f*** me in the ass, I came here to kill the police.”

He also expressed a hatred for Donald Trump.

“Leedy was restrained and taken to the hospital where he continued to be uncooperative with personnel until he was taken back to the jail, booked in and charged,” the police wrote in their press release.

Leedy was charged with four counts of aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer and one count of criminal mischief resulting in damage of $1,000 or greater.

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