Politifact just tried to take down Christina Pushaw with this one outrageous accusation

Jun 16, 2022

The Fake News Media spent the past two years waging an all-out war against Ron DeSantis.

Since their attacks against DeSantis aren’t working, they’re now going after members of his administration.

And Politifact just tried to take down Christina Pushaw with this one outrageous accusation.

The corporate-controlled media refers to anyone who opposes the Democrats’ socialist agenda as dangerous and hateful.

Now the left-wing media is waging a smear campaign against Ron DeSantis’ Press Secretary Christina Pushaw.

In an article titled “PolitiFact reporters face online harassment; we keep fact-checking anyway,” Editor-in-Chief Angie Drobnic Holan listed examples of reporters allegedly facing abuse for their work.

In one example, Holan cited “a press secretary” who publishes emails reporters send to her online for everyone to see.

“Reporters have alerted a press secretary that we’re writing about their boss and simply asked for comment,” Holan wrote. “Within minutes, she’s published the email and slammed the reporters as incompetent, while trying to rally an online mob to attack the reporters — who are just doing their jobs.”

Holan then called out Ron DeSantis’ Press Secretary, Christina Pushaw, by name, accusing her of “urging online mobs to vilify things that are legitimate practices of journalism.”

“Rather than responding to journalists’ press inquiries in a standard manner, Pushaw will attack them on Twitter, urging online mobs to vilify things that are legitimate practices of journalism,” Holan wrote. “She tells others not to respond to our requests for comment and has falsely suggested that reporters said things they didn’t.”

Like Ron DeSantis, Christina Pushaw has thick skin.

And also like DeSantis, Pushaw is willing to take on reporters in the Fake News Media when they make false accusations against her.

In a post on Twitter, Pushaw ripped Politifact for accusing her of “online harassment.”

“So now it’s ‘harassment’ to point out that an email from a reporter reveals incompetence and bias? But the same reporters can baselessly accuse my boss all day of much worse, with zero pushback and full support from their editors? Nah, we are not playing that game anymore,” Pushaw tweeted.

Pushaw also took the gloves off on Angie Drobnic Holan, sternly pointing out that “pointing out bias isn’t harassment” and neither is “disagreeing with the regime narrative enforcers.”

This is the latest attempt by the Fake News Media to take down Christina Pushaw.

The Washington Post recently falsely claimed that she violated the Foreign Agents Registration (FARA) Act after belatedly registering her work as a foreign agent for the President of the country of Georgia.

DeSantis praised Pushaw for being attacked by the left-wing press, saying that he would be more concerned if the Washington Post was writing “puff pieces” about his Press Secretary.

“I am not deterred by any smear piece by these legacy media outlets. The only reason they’re attacking her is because she does a great job and she’s very effective at calling out their lies and their phony narratives,” DeSantis said.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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