Republican legislators in Florida just put Ron DeSantis one step closer to stopping Joe Biden’s federal vaccine mandate

Dec 1, 2021

Joe Biden is trying to enforce his unconstitutional federal vaccine mandate on 100 million American workers.

Ron DeSantis is leading the charge among Republican Governors to block the mandate.

And Republican legislators in Florida just put Ron DeSantis one step closer to stopping Joe Biden’s federal vaccine mandate.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently called for a special session of the State Legislature in order to pass a series of legislation designed to protect workers in the Sunshine State from Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate.

Ron DeSantis rose to popularity in the Republican Party over the past year due to his willingness to stand up and fight back against the Biden administration’s authoritarian COVID rules and regulations.

He kept Florida mostly open during the pandemic and also banned mask mandates and vaccine passports in the state.

But when Joe Biden announced an unconstitutional federal vaccine mandate, Ron DeSantis went on the offensive by calling the State Legislature into session to block Biden’s mandate from taking effect in Florida.

“My goal, bottom line on this special session is, no Floridian should be losing their job over COVID shots,”DeSantis said at a news conference on Tuesday.

And on Wednesday, the Florida House of Representatives passed four bills that would prevent businesses from requiring employees to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Unless businesses allow exemptions for medical reasons, religious beliefs, or proof of immunity based on a prior COVID infection, the legislation bans them from mandating the coronavirus vaccine.

But it doesn’t just protect workers from vaccine mandates.

It also bans schools and governments from enforcing coronavirus vaccine mandates and also allows parents to sue schools who attempt to force their children to wear a face mask.

Right now, the Fifth Circuit Court has temporarily halted Joe Biden’s OSHA vaccine mandate, which requires businesses with more than 100 employees to mandate the vaccine for all workers.

But should Biden’s OSHA mandate be allowed to go forward, Republicans in the State Legislature are also considering legislation to completely withdraw the state from OSHA.

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