Ron DeSantis announced a big prize for residents to fight this scary threat

Jun 27, 2024

Ron DeSantis is known for coming up with bold conservative solutions.

Now he has come up with one of his most unique solutions to a problem yet. 

And Ron DeSantis announced a big prize for residents to fight this scary threat.

Ron DeSantis wants to turn fishermen loose on an invasive species

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis had some good news for fishermen in the Sunshine State during a press conference about the state’s budget.

Spiny lobsters are one of the delicacies of Florida cuisine. 

But these clawless crustaceans have had limits placed on how many fishermen can catch.

DeSantis announced that a day was being added to the mini-season for spiny lobsters just for Florida residents.

“We want to make sure Floridians have adequate opportunities [to catch lobster],” DeSantis said. “We’re adding another day [to the mini-season], Sunday, July 14th…that is only for Florida residents.”

Spiny lobsters are being used to sweeten the pot for Florida’s Lionfish Challenge.

Lionfish are an invasive species to the waters of Florida that are native to the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

These predatory fish disrupt the ecosystem by eating native fish that control algae.

Florida’s Lionfish Challenge allows fishermen to compete for prizes while controlling an invasive species.

“The lionfish are very, very invasive, and they really wreak havoc on the ecosystem,” DeSantis said.

Fishermen who caught 25 lionfish or caught more than 50 pounds commercially would get an extra spiny lobster during its season.

“We’re going to up the ante,” DeSantis explained. “You get to harvest two extra lobsters per day during spiny lobster season.”

Ron DeSantis announces additional money for coral reef restoration

The ocean is a major draw for Florida’s tourism industry.

DeSantis announced that an additional $5 million was added to the state’s budget to help restore and protect reefs.

“Last year, we invested a record $47 million for coral reef restoration and for coastal protection,” DeSantis said. “I think when I became governor it was a few million going into that.”

He pointed out that figure was more than the federal government had spent on reef restoration and protection nationally.

“And they’re spending money on everything,” DeSantis remarked. “They spend billions of dollars to create three charging stations for electric vehicles. So, we’re actually doing things that impact the state of Florida I think in a very, very big way.”

DeSantis noted that events like the Lionfish Challenge were a unique way to tackle environmental problems.

“Florida has the best fishing and boating in the world because we have the greatest natural resources,” DeSantis stated. “That’s why our state is making record investments in protecting our natural treasures, like our coral reefs. Additionally, I was pleased today to announce additional prizes for the annual Lionfish Challenge and an extra day for Floridians to harvest lobster.”

Ron DeSantis is coming up with creative solutions to deal with the threat that lionfish pose to the state’s ecosystem.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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