Ron DeSantis asked Joe Biden one serious question about producing oil and gas that he needs to answer immediately

Jul 21, 2022

Joe Biden launched a war against domestic energy production on his first day in office.

America is now facing an oil crisis.

And Ron DeSantis asked Joe Biden one serious question about producing oil and gas that he needs to answer immediately.

Joe Biden began forcing his anti-fossil fuel, “green” agenda on America the moment he took his oath of office in January of 2021.

On his first day as President, Biden ended construction on the Keystone XL Pipeline and canceled all new leases for drilling oil and gas on federal lands, including oil-rich ANWR.

Congressional Democrats also rammed through trillions of dollars in socialist spending, including funding portions of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal.

As a result of Joe Biden’s anti-fossil fuel agenda combined with the Democrats’ trillion-dollar spending spree, inflation is skyrocketing across the country, sending gas prices to all-time highs.

Polls now show that inflation and high gas prices are the top two issues facing voters ahead of the Midterm elections.

Of course, Joe Biden refuses to accept any responsibility for the pain at the pump Americans are feeling.

Instead of solving the problem by allowing more domestic drilling, Joe Biden tried to blame it all on Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and greedy oil company executives.

However, gas prices were skyrocketing before Putin invaded Ukraine.

Gas prices hit $3.53 per gallon on February 21, 2022, three days before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, after gradually rising by nearly $1 since February of 2021.

The reality is that Joe Biden and the Democrats like high gas prices because it helps them push their “green” agenda – like electric vehicles – on the American people.

Even though Joe Biden won’t allow more drilling for oil here in America, he recently traveled to Saudi Arabia to beg them to increase oil production to help lower prices.

Since Saudi Arabia is already at near capacity, Biden’s plea was laughed off by the Crown Prince.

During a press conference on Monday, Ron DeSantis ripped Joe Biden for traveling to the Middle East to beg Saudi Arabia to produce more oil while refusing to open up America for drilling.

“How come it’s wrong to produce our own oil and gas here, but you can go to Saudi Arabia and fist bump to try to get it from Saudis?” DeSantis asked during Monday’s press conference. “I mean, it makes no sense that we wouldn’t do it. We have opportunities here to be energy independent and not have to worry about any of these other countries. And yet they’re intentionally not doing it and you can’t run a modern economy on windmills. You just can’t do it.”

DeSantis asked a question that Biden needs to answer.

If America can’t drill for oil because it allegedly contributes to “climate change,” then how come it’s OK for Saudi Arabia and other countries to increase oil production?

DeSantis then mocked Joe Biden for bragging about bringing gas prices down over the past 30 days even though they are still sky high.

“And so now we’re in a situation where they’re bragging that gas has gone down over the last however many weeks, it’s still over four bucks!” DeSantis said. “Like I had never seen it over $4 in my whole life living here,” he continued.

DeSantis pointed out how the Democrats’ trillions of dollars in spending pushed inflation even higher.

“It’s just when you’re cranking the printing presses, you’re making energy more expensive,” DeSantis said.

DeSantis concluded by noting how Biden is hurting poor people the most because any gains they make in their personal finances are likely “wiped out immediately with the Bidenflation.”

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