Ron DeSantis attended an Iowa church service and the response spells trouble for Donald Trump

Aug 10, 2023

Donald Trump thinks he has Iowa in the bag.

But things aren’t always as they seem.

And when Ron DeSantis attended a church service with Bob Vander Plaats – the Congregation’s response spells trouble for Donald Trump.

Ron DeSantis attended church in Iowa

Iowa Evangelical leader Bob Vander Plaats and his wife invited Ron and Casey DeSantis to worship with them at their church.

While many politicians grandstand and show up at churches hoping to gain the evangelical vote – things were different this time.

During an interview, Vander Plaats was asked if DeSantis was “comfortable” in the church environment.

Without hesitation, Vander Plaats immediately replied “without question” continuing on to say both Ron and Casey were likable people and easy to be around.

But then what happened next even surprised Vander Plaats.

Young families flocked to DeSantis in droves

After the service, Vander Plaats took Ron and Casey to the lobby to shake some hands – thinking they’d leave fairly quickly.

But then organically lines began to form – and young families were waiting their turn to meet Ron DeSantis and take pictures with him and Casey.

While DeSantis is popular in evangelical circles, Vander Plaats was even taken aback at the overwhelming support for Ron.

In a comment to his wife, Vander Plaats said “If this church service is an indicator to the Iowa caucuses, he’s doing way better than the polls are indicating.”

Trouble continues to brew for Donald Trump in Iowa

Donald Trump thinks he’s already won the support from Iowa conservatives so he continues to ignore and even insult them.

He’s picked a fight with Iowa’s popular conservative Governor Kim Reynolds, refusing to participate in her “Fair Side Chats.”

Instead, the Trump campaign has announced Trump would show up and do his own thing – not giving details on what or where he would be.

Those closest to the planning hope Trump will “steal the spotlight” from his opponents . . .

. . . and bring the attention and spotlight back to him.

But Trump better be careful.

While he may enjoy the support of many conservatives in Iowa – Ron DeSantis continues to peel voters away from Trump.

During a speech, one woman who described herself as a “very hardcore Trump supporter” was nearly moved to tears by DeSantis’ speech and said “This the most important vote that we’re going to have and I have to think more with my mind and what’s best for this country. And you did an excellent job. And I certainly appreciate it.”

And with Trump continuing to snub Iowa voters . . .

. . . while DeSantis shows up and has a firm presence – as Vander Plaats alluded to – DeSantis is still very much in the game – and may even win Iowa to the surprise of many.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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