Ron DeSantis backed the blue with one decision that left Democrat states scrambling

Nov 3, 2023

Florida is a law-and-order state under Governor Ron DeSantis.

He’s turned the Sunshine State into a blueprint.

And Ron DeSantis backed the blue with one decision that left Democrat states scrambling.

The country is grappling with a tsunami of crime after Democrat cities and states embraced pro-crime policies like defunding the police.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis turned the Sunshine State into a beacon for law-and-order policies.

He launched a program to recruit police officers in Florida with an eye towards disrespected officers from blue states, who defunded the police, to relocate to Florida.

Florida created an incentive program to recruit new police officers to ensure law enforcement was properly staffed in the state.

DeSantis announced that more than 3,350 police officers and recruits have been awarded bonuses under a recruitment program he established.

The Florida Law Enforcement Recruitment Bonus Program has handed out bonuses worth $5,000 with the total amount awarded more than $22 million.

“With a national lack of support for the important work law enforcement officers do daily, Florida has stood up for what is right,” DeSantis said.

3,350 officers signed up through the program including 815 officers who relocated to the Sunshine State.

Three police officers out of the 47 who relocated to Florida from Illinois were drawn in by recruiting billboards placed in the state.

The Florida Governor lured Illinois police officers by pointing out that the Sunshine State “consistently backs the blue.”

“When states threaten to defund their police, they not only put their communities in danger but also the very lives of those who work so hard to protect them — I am proud that many have moved to Florida to pursue their careers because they know they will be supported,” FloridaCommerce Secretary J. Alex Kelly said.

DeSantis’s office said that police officers or recruits from all 50 states and two U.S. territories moved to Florida to join the program.

“Our back the blue policies have brought officers from all 50 states and two U.S. territories to Florida,” DeSantis said. “We will continue to support law and order and make investments in the people that keep our communities safe.”

The Sunshine State’s Law Enforcement Recruitment Bonus Program is designed to attract Floridians to join law enforcement and draw in out-of-state police officers to relocate to the state.

The Florida Governor’s office said the state was offering an incentive package to attract police officers to the state including home loan benefits, health and retirement programs, and career advancement.

Ron DeSantis has made the law enforcement profession respected and valued while blue states trash working as a police officer.

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