Ron DeSantis blew the whistle on three RINO traitors trying to brainwash kids

Jul 7, 2022

Senate RINOs are once again helping Joe Biden.

These sellouts thought they could get away with this betrayal.

But Ron DeSantis blew the whistle on three RINO traitors trying to brainwash kids.

RINO Senators John Cornyn, Bill Cassidy, and Jim Inhofe are lead cosponsors of a bill called the Civics Secures Democracy Act.

They claim this bill is designed to help instruct school children on proper American civics.

But in reality, it’s a scheme cooked up by Democrats to impose Critical Race Theory on every classroom in America.

Under the legislation, Biden’s Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona gets to decide which schools qualify for the $6 billion in grant money the bill authorizes.

At a press event announcing the state of Florida adopted actual civics education that expunged woke brainwashing from classrooms and layed out standards for curriculum ensuring children learn actual American history and how our system of government operates, Governor DeSantis slammed the national Critical Race Theory bill.

DeSantis explained that under the bill, schools must adopt Critical Race Theory teaching or miss out on federal money.

“While the Biden administration is seeking to award grants to indoctrinate students with ideologies like Critical Race Theory, in Florida we have focused on Civics Excellence, teaching accurate American History without an ideological agenda,” Governor DeSantis exclaimed. “Our students and teachers have worked hard to elevate their Civics Excellence and are proving to the nation that Florida is the national model for cultivating great citizens.”

It is nearly impossible for states to turn down federal money for education.

Back in 2010, 48 out of 50 states adopted Common Core sight unseen in order to gain access to so-called “stimulus” money from the Obama administration.

Cornyn, Cassidy, and Inhofe supporting national Critical Race Theory legislation comes on the heels of 15 Senate RINOs voting for the largest gun ban and confiscation bill in 30 years.

John Cornyn was the driving force behind a gun grab that will fund efforts by Democrats to confiscate firearms from Trump supporters based on their political views.

Cassidy – who voted for the Cornyn/Biden gun grab – also voted to impeach President Trump.

And now, Cornyn, Cassidy, and Inhofe want to impose Marxist Critical Race Theory, which teaches children to hate each other based on their skin color, on every school in the nation.

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