Ron DeSantis burst out laughing when Democrat Charlie Crist said these two words about COVID

Mar 3, 2022

Democrat Congressman Charlie Crist is the frontrunner in the Primary race to take on Ron DeSantis in November.

But with DeSantis rising in popularity, Democrats are growing more desperate by the day.

And Ron DeSantis busted out laughing when Democrat Charlie Crist said these two words about COVID.

Thanks to Governor Ron DeSantis’ leadership, people in Florida enjoyed more of a normal life than folks in any other state in America during the pandemic.

While other states forced businesses to shut down and canceled school for weeks on end, Ron DeSantis kept Florida mostly-open during the past year-and-a-half.

DeSantis also banned mask and vaccine mandates in Florida, allowing individuals to have the freedom to choose whether or not they wanted to mask up or get vaccinated.

Of course, the Democrats and their allies in the Fake News Media attacked and smeared DeSantis over his pro-freedom policies, even assigning him the nickname “Ron DeathSantis” after he refused to bow down to Anthony Fauci’s tyranny.

However, in the end, DeSantis’ policies proved to be successful, with Florida leading the nation in new business creation last year after a record-breaking 117 million people escaped lockdowns and mandates to visit the Sunshine State, totaling $17.3 billion in revenue for the hotel industry.

But with the tide now turning on restrictions and mandates for the pandemic, Democrats are now singing a different tune than they were just a few weeks earlier.

One such Democrat is Congressman Charlie Crist, who is the frontrunner in the Primary race to take on Ron DeSantis this fall.

Like most Democrats, Charlie Crist supported Biden and Fauci’s COVID tyranny, and also attacked Ron DeSantis over his pro-freedom policies.

But on Tuesday, Charlie Crist said it was time to “move past” COVID and return to normalcy, something he previously attacked DeSantis for doing.

Noting that the Omicron variant is “fading” and that vaccines are “plentiful,” Democrat Charlie Crist said that “it’s time to responsibly move past COVID,” adding that “we should be able to turn the page on this crisis for good. We may never eliminate COVID, but like the flu, we can live with it without a major disruption to our lives.”

Charlie Crist then absurdly accused DeSantis for dragging out the pandemic, saying that “we got here because while some of our leaders played partisan politics, others got to work — and together, we all did our part. We need to keep promoting vaccines and boosters to the millions of Floridians who still haven’t gotten the shot.”

In conclusion, Crist claimed that DeSantis “isn’t up to the job,” saying he was a “disaster” and attacking him for opposing Joe Biden’s socialist American Rescue Plan.

“Instead of championing life-saving vaccines, he catered to anti-vaccine and anti-mask conspiracy theorists,” Crist claimed.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s (DCCC) internal polling showed that GOP attacks against them for their mishandling of the pandemic have “alarming credibility” with voters.

And this latest attack by Crist only shows how desperate Democrats are to try to distance themselves from lockdowns and mandates ahead of the November Midterm elections.

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