Ron DeSantis caught everyone off guard when he fired back three words regarding the Presidential debate

Aug 22, 2023

The first Republican debate takes place tonight – and all eyes are on DeSantis.

Trump is skipping the debate and every other Presidential candidate has a target on DeSantis’ back determined to finish him off for good.

But Ron DeSantis caught everyone off guard when he fired back three words regarding the Republican presidential debate.

A coordinated effort to bury DeSantis

For the first time, the American people will have a chance to hear from the Republican Presidential candidates during the much anticipated first debate.

With Trump skipping the debate – DeSantis is the clear front-runner on the stage.

His opponents know it, and so they’re determined to bury him for good, hoping to inch up a few percentage points in the polls.

During an interview with the Florida Standard, DeSantis was asked how he’d deal with all of his opponents on stage essentially joining together to attack him.

DeSantis was unphased and breezily replied “Oh we’ll be ready, and this is not anything that is unusual.”

He continued “From the time I won reelection in Florida, I had the bullseye on me. I’m attacked by the President of the United States. I’m attacked by the Vice President. I’m attacked by the corporate liberal media. I’m attacked by all the Republican candidates.”

“There’s been more money spent attacking me than has been spent against both Biden and Trump combined, so far in this election,” DeSantis said.

“Bring it on”

But why is there such a coordinated attack to take down DeSantis?

Because everyone knows he is the only one who can beat Joe Biden.

There’s a reason the woke mob is losing their minds at the thought of a President DeSantis – they know he is effective and will get things done – just like he did in Florida.

And every other Republican Presidential candidate (including Donald Trump) knows DeSantis has the best chance at actually beating Biden.

Since DeSantis is a threat – they are throwing everything at him to bring him down.

DeSantis seems to agree.

“We expect that we’re going to be taking flak,” said DeSantis.

“But you know what, that’s what happens when you’re over the target,” DeSantis continued.

“So I say bring it on, and we’ll get it done,” DeSantis fired back.

DeSantis is fearless and it shows

Many politicians would already be limping their way to the sidelines if they sustained the level of attacks DeSantis has endured.

But DeSantis is unphased.

He knows when you are doing big things and changing the direction of a country – you’re going to get criticism and attacks.

If anything – DeSantis feeds on the criticism and negative ads because it motivates him to know he must be doing something right – or he wouldn’t be hit so hard.

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