Ron DeSantis couldn’t believe what Bill Maher just said about him

Mar 7, 2023

Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida has said he won’t make a decision on a potential White House bid in 2024 until May at the earliest.

But supporters are already getting on the “Ron to the Rescue” bandwagon.

And DeSantis couldn’t believe what Bill Maher just said about him.

Is Bill Maher seeing the light?

For decades, across network and cable shows he’s hosted and stand up comedy specials, Bill Maher has created a reputation for himself as an outspoken, liberal comedian.

However, in recent years, as his political party of choice has gone from liberal to lunatics, Maher has begun to distance himself from Democrats’ woke positions.

The atheist comedian is not on board with their wars against both the First and Second Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, nor pushing Critical Race Theory in schools, or the constant barrage of LGBT propaganda in the faces of America’s youth.

But in an interview with CNN’s John King, the Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO host made a surprising declaration about who he is on board with.

Maher compliments DeSantis

Maher told King he believes Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is “smarter than his critics.”

“He can be a real old-school Republican who just takes care of business, COVID, the hurricane, stuff like that,” Maher said of Gov. DeSantis. “He just goes about his business. He doesn’t do crazy stuff. But then, when he wants to throw red meat to the base, he’s a performance artist. And he does a lot of really outrageous stuff. But I get it that that’s where the party is. If you want a big future in that party, especially if you want to take on Donald Trump, you’ve got to ride both those horses at once.”

America’s Governor particularly won Maher over by keeping beaches and schools open during the pandemic, as well as protecting the elderly population in the second oldest state in the nation.

“I was [in Florida] during COVID – It was night and day from this place,” Maher told King. “And I am not one who was ever on the page with COVID paranoia. So, I thought it was a breath of fresh air . . . And it turned out a lot of what Ron DeSantis did was smarter than what the people who were criticizing were saying. He kept the beaches open. Yes, you’re not going to get it outside. In fact, it’s good. Get some fresh air and some sunshine, that would be better for you. And he also protected the elderly. It was much more targeted. It was sort of the opposite of what happened in New York State.”

Ron to the rescue?

DeSantis has received nearly universal praise from unbiased observers for his handling of the pandemic in his state.

His leadership in Florida have led many conservatives to call on him to run for President in 2024.

DeSantis is the only potential candidate who even draws near former President Donald Trump in early hypothetical GOP primary polling.

However, Florida’s Governor has said he has “unfinished business” in the state legislature that he wants to attend to before deciding on any national campaign.

The legislative session in the Sunshine State ends on May 5.

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