Ron DeSantis delivered one message to Primary voters that struck fear in Democrats

Nov 8, 2023

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is trying to reverse the country’s decline under Joe Biden.

He wants to use his transformation of Florida as a blueprint for the country.

And Ron DeSantis delivered one message to Primary voters that struck fear in Democrats.

The major Presidential contenders for the Republican nomination descended on Florida to speak at the state GOP’s Freedom Summit.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis laid out his vision for GOP Primary voters in a speech at the event.

He contrasted his policy with former President Donald Trump and outlined his agenda in the White House starting in 2025.

Ron DeSantis wows with ‘Mission First’ message

DeSantis vowed that the border would be secured under his administration by deploying the military to the southern border and restarting construction on the border wall.

He added that the military would have a “mission first” mentality and be authorized to use deadly force against the Mexican drug cartels.

Republicans would replicate the success of the party in Florida by winning victories up and down the ticket.

“We will not only win the Presidency. We’ll win the Congress, we’ll win the Senate, we’ll win state legislatures and school boards, just like we did in Florida,” DeSantis vowed. “I’ll always conduct myself in a way that you can be proud of […] I will not let you down.”

DeSantis pointed out that while the 2022 Election was a disappointment for Republicans nationally, Florida Democrats were wiped out by a red wave.

The Sunshine State has undergone a remarkable transformation with Republicans taking a lead over Democrats in the number of registered voters for the first time in the state’s history under DeSantis.

Republicans now have more than 600,000 registered voters over Democrats in the state.

The Florida Governor reminded the audience that the GOP needs to win to enact conservative policy changes.

DeSantis officially filed to appear on Florida’s Primary ballot before the speech.

Florida First Lady, Casey DeSantis, opened up for her husband by promising they would restore normalcy to the White House.

A no cocaine White House

“How nice would it be to have a President of the United States, to have their kids bring home homework to the White House instead of cocaine?” Casey DeSantis asked, referencing cocaine being discovered at the White House after Hunter Biden stayed there.

Florida has turned into an oasis of freedom under Ron DeSantis and now he wants to bring his bold conservative vision to the rest of the country.

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