Ron DeSantis destroyed the Supreme Court for handing Joe Biden this massive victory

Jan 26, 2024

The Supreme Court let conservatives down once again in a crucial case on border security.

Two Republican-appointed justices took the side of chaos.

And Ron DeSantis destroyed the Supreme Court for handing Joe Biden this massive victory.

The Supreme Court issued one of its most infuriating decisions in recent years after it handed President Joe Biden a big win in his scheme to dismantle border security.

Texas laid 30 miles of razor wire along the border in the city of Eagle Pass to stem the record numbers of illegal aliens crossing into the state as part of Governor Greg Abbott’s border security operation.

The Department of Homeland Security ordered Border Patrol agents to cut the wire to help illegal aliens.

Texas sued Homeland Security for trespassing and damaging state property and received an injunction stopping Border Patrol agents from cutting the wire from the 5th Circuit.

The Supreme Court allowed the agents to cut Texas’ razor wire in a shocking 5-4 ruling after the Biden administration filed an emergency appeal.

Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Amy Coney Barrett sided with the Democrat-appointed justices to let Biden dismantle Texas’ border security.

The majority ruled that Texas has no right to defend its border when the federal government is failing to do its job.

The White House laughably claimed that the razor wire made it harder for federal authorities to do their job.

DeSantis slammed the Supreme Court’s decision to undermine national sovereignty on social media.

“The Supreme Court is siding with the Biden administration against Texas by allowing the federal government to take down razor wire on the border,” DeSantis wrote. Texas is trying to enforce our laws and uphold our sovereignty while the federal government is disregarding the law and ignoring its responsibility to protect our borders. What an upside-down world.”

DeSantis has sent state resources and personnel to Texas to assist with the state’s border security operation.

He and Abbott have been the two most aggressive governors in the country in trying to use state power and resources to secure their respective borders.

The federal government and the Supreme Court assert that states do not have the legal authority to enforce immigration law since it is a federal issue. 

DeSantis made empowering states to secure their borders a priority during his Presidential campaign.

Empowering states to secure their borders would allow them to defend themselves under a future lawless Democrat President.

Red states like Texas and Florida will have to fight the courts and the federal government to curb illegal immigration.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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