Ron DeSantis dropped one fact about the Founding Fathers that Democrats will hate

Jun 6, 2024

Ron DeSantis is reshaping the education system in Florida back to its intended purpose.

Now he is giving a history lesson that sent the Left into a frenzy.

And Ron DeSantis dropped one fact about the Founding Fathers that Democrats will hate.

Ron DeSantis says the Founding Fathers would reject woke sociology

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis traveled to Orlando to speak at the Florida Homeschool Convention.

He has been on a mission to restore education in schools and rip out woke indoctrination by the roots.

“Aren’t you happy that Florida is the number one state for home schools in all of the United States?” DeSantis asked the crowd. “In the state of Florida, whether it’s kindergarten or whether it’s eighth grade, or 12th grade, whether it’s in our universities, we don’t want any of the indoctrination in the state of Florida, I’m sorry.”

DeSantis recalled how he created a media firestorm by dropping sociology as a core requirement at public colleges and universities.

“Florida used to require all students to take a course in sociology,” DeSantis said. “Now, look, if you want to do sociology, I mean, fine but why are we requiring sociology but not requiring American history or other classical subjects? So, we in Florida got rid of the requirement that you have to do sociology. And we added a requirement for American history for all our undergrads. The media did not like that at all.”

The Florida Governor explained why the media melted down over eliminating sociology as a requirement.

“But think about it,” DeSantis stated. “Why would they get upset about that? If this is such an important subject, then you wouldn’t have to mandate, there would be people that would do it right? And people would be crawling over.”

Sociology has become left-wing political activism masquerading as an education.

And for that reason, the nation’s founders would reject it according to DeSantis.

“But really, it’s very mushy,” DeSantis explained. “It’s highly ideological and it is not the type of academic rigor that we’re looking for and that our Founding Fathers would have thought essential to be educating folks.”

DeSantis has held sociology up as an example of the indoctrination that has infiltrated the educational system.

Ron DeSantis slams sociology when talking about student loan bailouts

The Florida Governor slammed sociology as being a worthless degree in April when criticizing the latest round of student loan bailouts by President Joe Biden.

“He doesn’t have the authority to do,” DeSantis said. “It is to basically say, you know, ‘If you’re a truck driver, you didn’t go to college, you don’t have student debt. Sorry, you’re going to have to pony up to pay the student loans of somebody, you know, who maybe got a degree in sociology or something and is not gainfully employed and can’t afford the loans.’ That is not fair.”

Sociology has become a Trojan Horse in colleges for the Left to train the next generation of political activists.

Florida removed its privileged position of being a requirement for every college student at a public institution in the state.

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