Ron DeSantis dropped one fact about the Second Amendment that left Democrats fuming

Jan 22, 2024

Democrats are constantly lying about gun ownership to justify their gun grabs.

They cannot stand being forced to face the truth about guns.

And Ron DeSantis dropped one fact about the Second Amendment that left Democrats fuming.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has worked tirelessly to expand the Second Amendment rights of Floridians after he took office.

Constitutional Carry has become the top pro-gun policy supporters of the Second Amendment have pushed at the state level.

Gun owners should not need a permission slip from the government to exercise their constitutional right to carry a firearm.

Constitutional Carry removes the mandatory requirement of a government-issued concealed carry permit to carry a concealed weapon.

RINOs in the Florida Legislature had blocked constitutional carry legislation for years but DeSantis got it done last year.

Florida became the 26th state to pass constitutional carry meaning the majority of states now have the law on the books.

Democrats and their media allies predicted that eliminating the requirement for a concealed carry permit would send crime soaring in Florida.

Rep. Maxwell Frost (D-FL) said that “people will die” as a result of the law.

Gun grabber organization Giffords’, senior advisor Debbie Mucarsel-Powell said Constitutional Carry put “criminals above our children.”

The anti-gun lobby turned out to be wrong once again.

DeSantis said that Florida’s Constitutional Carry law actually led to a decrease in murders in the largest city in the state during a Presidential campaign event in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

“Since we’ve enacted that you’ve had a big drop in murders in Miami, they just reported that’s what’s happened,” DeSantis said.

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez announced that the city had 31 recorded homicides in 2023 which could be the lowest murder rate in the city’s history.

Murders dropped in the largest city in Florida despite the hysteria over constitutional carry from the anti-gun lobby.

Democrat-controlled cities with strict gun control laws had murder rates that far exceeded Miami and other major cities in Florida.

Violent criminals were not going to follow Florida’s gun laws to begin with.

Constitutional Carry empowered law-abiding Floridians to defend themselves.

Ohio, another state that recently passed Constitutional Carry, saw a similar drop in crime after the law went into effect in the state’s major cities.

Six of the eight largest cities in Ohio saw a decrease in gun crimes after constitutional carry went into effect while the other two only saw a slight increase. 

Florida is proving the adage “more guns, less crime” is true.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story. 


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