Ron DeSantis dropped the hammer on Joe Biden for blaming hurricanes like Idalia on climate change

Sep 6, 2023

Hurricane Idalia made landfall last week in Florida as a Category 3 storm.

Joe Biden was not about to let a crisis go to waste.

And Ron DeSantis dropped the hammer on Joe Biden for blaming hurricanes like Idalia on climate change.

Ron DeSantis put his Presidential campaign on hold last week to lead the state’s recovery efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Idalia’s landfall.

Portions of Florida experienced major devastation from the Category 3 hurricane.

But thanks to DeSantis’ leadership, on Monday the Governor announced that power outages were now below 20,000 and 95% had been restored.

“Restoring power to the homes and businesses of impacted Floridians is an important step in the recovery process and would not be possible without the hard work of our utility linemen,” DeSantis said. “I’m glad to announce that they have been able to restore 96% of accounts less than a week after Idalia made landfall.”

Joe Biden visited the Sunshine State on Saturday to get a firsthand look at the damage.

Of course, Biden’s main purpose was to use the disaster as an excuse to push the Left’s climate agenda.

“Nobody can deny the impact of the climate crisis,” Biden said. “There’s no real intelligence to deny the impacts of the climate crisis anymore.”

“Just look around the nation and the world for that matter,” Biden added. “Historic floods, intense drought, extreme heat, deadly wildfires . . . that cause serious damage like you’ve never seen before.”

Ron DeSantis refused to meet with Joe Biden on Saturday.

But the Florida Governor called out Biden for exploiting the disaster to push the climate change agenda on the American people.

On Sunday, a reporter asked DeSantis about Biden’s claim that climate change caused the hurricane.

The Governor gave Biden a history lesson.

“There was a storm that went on this almost exact track in 1896 and it had 125 mile an hour winds, just like this one,” DeSantis said. “The most powerful storm hurricane we’ve ever had is actually [the] Labor Day Hurricane of 1935, and it had 185 miles an hour sustained winds.”

He said Biden’s claim was flat-out “false” and demanded that he “stop politicizing natural disasters.”

“We know from history, there have been times where it’s been very busy in Florida,” he said. “Late 40s, early 50s, you had a lot of hits of significant hurricanes – I think sometimes, people need to take a breath and get a little bit of perspective here.”

“But the notion that [we] somehow just adopt very left wing policies at the federal level, that somehow we will not have hurricanes, that is a lie,” DeSantis declared. “And that is people trying to take what’s happened with different types of storms, and use that as a pretext to advance their agenda on the backs of people that are suffering – and that’s wrong.”

DeSantis then put Joe Biden on notice that “we’re not going to do that in the state of Florida.”

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