Ron DeSantis dropped the hammer on Joe Biden for this colossal blunder

Sep 7, 2023

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis shined with his state’s response to Hurricane Idalia.

But the federal government is once again dropping the ball responding to a disaster.

And Ron DeSantis dropped the hammer on Joe Biden for this colossal blunder.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis put everything on hold to prepare for Hurricane Idalia slamming into his state.

The state was prepared with linemen ready to restore power, rescue teams, and gasoline for when the storm made shore.

His excellent crisis leadership allowed Florida to mitigate the damage from the storm and keep the loss of life to a minimum.

DeSantis was asked about the other major natural disaster to rock the country in August, the Maui wildfires, at a press conference about Florida’s recovery efforts.

“Do you trust the federal government to help, seeing what happened in Hawaii just a few weeks ago and in East Palestine a few months ago?” a reporter asked.

“I think that Maui is a total catastrophe, what happened there,” DeSantis said. “And I don’t think we have all the answers to that. I think we should have all the answers to that. It’s interesting how incurious our corporate media is about what happened in Maui.”

The media fixated on Hurricane Idalia looking for an opening to attack DeSantis while they ignored the glaring failures of the federal, state, and local government in Democrat-controlled Hawaii.

“I mean, I don’t see them interviewing parents who can’t find their kids and people we know, there’s a lot of people missing,” DeSantis continued. “So that was a total disaster, really, really heartbreaking to hear some of the stories, even though they’re not being publicized.”

Hundreds of children are still missing in Maui after they were ordered to walk home from school.

Residents trying to escape the town of Lahaina were turned back toward the fires at a police blockade on the only road out of town.

DeSantis said that the difference between Florida and Maui was the significant preparation his administration takes to handle disasters.

“And really what the federal government’s role is, is just turning on programs that Congress has enacted over many, many years,” DeSantis explained. “And so it’s basically serving as a checkbook to get people reimbursed for debris cleanup, to give people individual assistance. And so in that sense, I think that that has been turned on, I anticipate that that will go smoothly. But most of the nuts and bolts is done by our local communities, and by the state of Florida. And that’s really how it should be, disaster response is really bottom up.”

The government in Maui was criticized for not using its emergency sirens to warn residents of the quickly spreading fires.

DeSantis said that loss of life was prevented during hurricanes from local governments warning residents their homes could be in the path of storm surge.

The Florida Governor added that he wasn’t counting on President Joe Biden to do the heavy lifting of recovery.

Ron DeSantis showcased his effective leadership by navigating Florida through another destructive hurricane.

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