Ron DeSantis’ epic new Iowa ad shows how he has the guts and track record to defeat the leftist elites 

Jan 11, 2024

Ron DeSantis has proven he will deliver on his promises, every single time.

Not one to stray away from a fight, DeSantis has led Florida through a series of battles and crushed his opponents.

And now a new killer campaign ad in Iowa is telling the story of how Ron DeSantis has the guts and the track record to defeat the leftist elites. 

New Iowa ad shows how DeSantis beat the elite

A new 30-second Ron DeSantis campaign ad will air on broadcast and television in Iowa showing how DeSantis has beat some of the toughest opponents who have thrown everything at him.

The narrator starts the ad stating, “They’ve corrupted our institutions, indoctrinated our kids, opened our border, weaponized government against us, and destroyed the American dream.”

“Ron DeSantis is the only candidate who has defeated them,” the ad continues.

The ad switches to DeSantis’ voice naming off all the enemies of freedom he has defeated.

“We beat the teachers union, we beat Fauci on COVID, I beat Soros, and as your president, I will not let you down,” DeSantis said.

DeSantis proves himself with untouchable Florida record

Most politicians run for office on a campaign built on lies, and once they get elected, they either sell out or don’t have the guts to follow through.

But not Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis has demonstrated time and time again he has the grit and courage to tackle those who are seeking to destroy America from within.

“What I have I think that no other candidate has is, I have a record of delivering on 100 percent of my promises,” DeSantis said on Fox News

“If you look at all the problems in this country that the left is inflicting from open borders, to crime, to the bad economic policies, I’ve beaten these people in Florida,” DeSantis continued.

“Whether it’s the teachers unions, whether it’s George Soros, whether it’s the Democratic Party, we took a state that was evenly divided, and the Democratic Party now lies in ruins. We’ve shown how to win,” DeSantis added. 

America needs a leader with guts

If America is ever going to recover from the disastrous policies of President Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, something big needs to happen.

Electing a RINO moderate like Nikki Haley, who will say and do anything to gain more power, or choosing a candidate like Trump, who will lose to Biden on Election Day only guarantees the left will continue to rob Americans of their Constitutional freedom.

But a President DeSantis would face the Washington D.C. elite head on and not back down from their intimidation tactics or threats.

And polls show he can beat Joe Biden.

Please take a moment to watch the epic 30-second ad highlighting DeSantis’ rock-solid record of beating the elite and showing Iowans what he is made of. 

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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