Ron DeSantis finally revealed the one thing he’s waiting on to make his 2024 announcement

May 5, 2023

Florida’s state legislative session is coming to a close.

Conservatives across the country have been anticipating this moment.

And Ron DeSantis finally revealed the one thing he’s waiting on to make his 2024 announcement.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is the only Republican who most political experts agree has a chance to take the 2024 GOP nomination from Donald Trump.

DeSantis catapulted on to the national stage during the pandemic when he opened the Sunshine State up for business and banned masks and vaccine mandates.

The Florida Governor quickly became a conservative hero for his willingness to take on the Left’s woke ideology.

Despite facing a flurry of daily attacks and smears, DeSantis never backed down and scored several conservative victories against the Left.

DeSantis became the front-runner in the polls following his impressive 19-point landslide reelection victory that secured Florida as a solid red state for the GOP.

Of course, his time on top was short-lived since Republicans rallied around Donald Trump after Joe Biden weaponized the Justice Department against him.

DeSantis has kept his plans for 2024 close to his chest, instead telling reporters that he is focusing on getting his legislative agenda passed.

And the Governor has achieved major victories this session, including a ban on abortions after six weeks, Constitutional Carry, protecting parental rights, and pushing back against Biden’s border crisis.

But Florida’s legislative session is scheduled to end on Friday, May 5.

And reporters are champing at the bit to get an answer from DeSantis about 2024.

During a press conference in Panama City, reporters pressed DeSantis to give more details about his plans for a Presidential campaign.

“At the end of the day, these things will happen in relatively due course,” DeSantis said. “I mean, you know, the season is what it is.”

“I mean, there’s only so much time, but I think that so many people just didn’t understand that, you know, you win an election and you need to do something with what you’ve done,” he continued, before adding “and that should have been my focus and that’s what has been our focus.”

“So you’re just going to have to stay tuned on all this, OK, you’ll get there one way or another very soon,” DeSantis added.

However, DeSantis revealed the one thing he’s waiting for to make his announcement – passage of a state budget.

“Look, protecting the taxpayer with these line item vetoes is very important,” he said. “If you look at last year, I vetoed some big items – $3.3 billion – but that generated the largest budget surplus in the history of the state of Florida.”

“So, we’ll see how it works out,” he added.

A state budget is the only bill the Florida Constitution requires the legislature to pass.

And Ron DeSantis appears to be waiting on a budget to reach his desk before moving forward with his Presidential announcement.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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