Ron DeSantis fired a shot across the bow of Mexican drug cartels with one plan that shocked everyone

Sep 15, 2023

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is taking the gloves off to solve Joe Biden’s border crisis.

He wants to draw a line in the sand for criminals.

And Ron DeSantis fired a shot across the bow of Mexican drug cartels with one plan that shocked everyone.

The border crisis created by President Joe Biden is empowering the Mexican drug cartels.

They’re capitalizing on the wide-open southern border to rake in billions smuggling illegal aliens and drugs into the country.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis proposed taking aggressive action against the cartels during an interview with CBS Evening News host Norah O’Donnell.

He said that if he’s elected President he would order the military to shoot cartel members trying to break into the country.

“We are going to lean in and we are going to defend our country,” DeSantis said.

He recounted a recent trip to the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona where he saw sections of the border wall being repaired after cartel members had cut through them.

DeSantis said that the military would be given the green light to use lethal force when cartel members try to destroy sections of the border wall and cross into the U.S.

The military would be given rules of engagement about when the use of military force would be appropriate against incursions across the border.

“If there’s a woman with a baby, they’re not a cartel member, there’s not going to be authorization to just shoot somebody like that,” DeSantis said. “But when somebody’s got a backpack on and they’re in there breaking through the wall, you know, that’s hostile intent, and you have every right to take action under those circumstances.”

He said that the cartels would only need to see the military use force a few times before they backed off trying to cross the border.

DeSantis said that he would deploy Special Forces into Mexico to break the cartels’ back during the first Republican Presidential Primary debate.

“The reality is, they are overrunning our border, they’re sex trafficking, they’re human trafficking and they’re bringing in massive quantities of drugs,” he said. “I mean, our country is being invaded and hurt by what they’re doing. And the question is, do we just throw up our hands? And do we say there’s nothing we can do about it? Or does the leader take action? Because I’ll tell you this, I’m going to have the military at the border, 100%. I mean, if they’re trying to break through the wall, we will have deadly force authorized to be able to stop that.”

The Florida Governor added that the specific military tactics inside Mexico could be debated and would require flexibility against the shadowy cartels.

Ron DeSantis has an aggressive plan to clean up the border after the disaster that Joe Biden created.

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