Ron DeSantis forced Democrats to make a major confession that will change everything

Aug 31, 2022

Democrats keep finding ways to step on landmines in their fight with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis continues to run circles around them.

Now Ron DeSantis forced Democrats to make a major confession that will change everything.

Leftists are still up in arms about two pieces of legislation that DeSantis signed into law – the Parental Rights in Education Bill and the Stop WOKE Act.

These common sense bills stop teachers from brainwashing children with Critical Race Theory and grooming them into transgenderism and homosexuality.

These rules sound simple.

Yet left-wing teachers are whining about how confusing they are to the Fake News Media.

“Others, though, described a sense of trying to thread a political needle. It’s not just about what they teach, it’s also about how students interpret it. For example, the law says teachers cannot compel students to believe that anyone is inherently privileged or oppressed because of his or her race,” The New York Times reports.

One teacher in Davie complained that banning Critical Race Theory would impact his ability to teach his black history class.

“I’ve never used the word oppression in my classroom,” Renel Augustin told The Times.

Augustin falsely claimed that a fair teaching of American history would show the United States to be a systemically racist country.

“It’s really hard to read all of that history, see all of these situations, present all of this evidence and think that these kids aren’t going to come to a conclusion that there is some type of oppression,” Augustin stated.

The Stop WOKE Act is designed to keep nonsense like that out of the classrooms.

The biggest controversy, however, revolved around the Parental Rights in Education Bill.

Teachers claimed they were not grooming children into transgenderism and homosexuality with propaganda.

But school psychologist Sheryl Posey complained about the law requiring schools to notify parents if their children experienced gender dysphoria.

“I want to partner with parents,” Posey claimed.

Posey then complained about the so-called “dilemma” of having to notify parents if their children questioned their gender identity.

“I’m really at a loss, honestly,” Posey added. “It feels very much like trying to walk a tightrope, between law and ethics.”

The law is trying to prevent schools from grooming children into transgenderism and homosexuality in secret.

If a child expresses questions about their identity, it’s obvious that parents should be notified.

These rules are not easy to follow.

And the fact that leftists are complaining about them shows that woke indoctrination and LGBT propaganda were filling schools to begin with.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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