Ron DeSantis gave Joe Biden a reality check after this national security catastrophe

Jan 25, 2024

Joe Biden is no longer in control of the federal government.

Top officials are disappearing on the job without notice.

And Ron DeSantis gave Joe Biden a reality check after this national security catastrophe.

President Joe Biden has faced questions about how aware he is of what is actually going on with the government he is supposedly leading.

One of the most alarming scandals of the Biden Presidency has been Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin disappearing from his post without telling anyone.

Austin checked into a hospital on January 1 for complications following treatment for prostate cancer.

He passed off his job as Defense Secretary to an underling without telling the White House he was hospitalized. 

Biden and senior administration officials had no clue that his top national security official was AWOL while conflicts were raging around the globe.

The President had no idea who was running the Defense Department while Austin was hospitalized. 

The Pentagon hid the fact that Austin was in the hospital from the public waiting for a Friday night to release the news.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis served as an officer in the Navy and deployed to Iraq.

He said that Austin should be fired for going AWOL on his job.

“I feel sympathy that he has health issues but for him to not tell the Commander in Chief, if that happened to me as President, I would fire the Secretary of Defense as a result of that,” DeSantis said.

“This is the chain of command. We have different contingencies that happen. There has got to be accountability,” DeSantis added.

Biden refused to fire Austin and White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre went on to say that he had “complete confidence” in him.

However, she did admit that it was “not optimal” that the President and senior officials had no idea what was going on with Austin while he was hospitalized.

The Florida governor said that Austin’s secrecy made Biden look like a terrible leader.

“I don’t think it reflects well on him,” DeSantis said. “But what does that say about the President of the United States that no one thought that he needed to know? Or maybe there was no reason, they thought, to let him know that the Secretary of Defense was in the ICU.”

DeSantis said that Biden “is not in charge” of the federal government.

He has previously noted that “the President of the United States is effectively whoever is feeding the teleprompter on a daily basis.”

Joe Biden’s inability to manage his own administration is leading to questions about who is really in charge at the White House.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story. 


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