Ron DeSantis gave one scary message to farmers that the globalists will hate

Jun 26, 2024

The globalist agenda is putting agriculture in its crosshairs to battle climate change.

Now they want to control the lives of Americans down to what is on the dinner plate. 

And Ron DeSantis gave one scary message to farmers that the globalists will hate. 

Ron DeSantis blasts fake meats at convention of future farmers

The radical environmental movement is trying to control Americans’ lives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Now a battle is underway to control what people are allowed to eat.

Livestock and agriculture are blamed for a large share of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions so they are in the crosshairs of the globalists.

The United Nations unveiled a plan last year at its annual climate change conference to have wealthy countries eat less meat.

Banning meat is their eventual goal with fake meats made from plants and grown from cells in a test tube to replace them.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis spoke at the 96th Florida Future Farmers of America State Convention & Expo in Orlando where he unloaded on the scheme to replace meat.

He described trying a veggie burger that was made by a company in Florida. 

“You know, I was, I did a taste test one time,” DeSantis said. “One of the companies that does a lot of this stuff is headquartered in Florida.”

“So I was down and I was interested in trying other things, but they had me try this burger that was not made of meat, it was not lab grown, it was like plant based, all this other stuff, which look, if that’s what you like, the thing about it is it’s actually less healthy than just eating the meat to begin with,” DeSantis recalled.

And science backs him up.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition conducted a study that cast doubt on veggie burgers and plant-based meats being healthier.

Highly processed veggie burgers could contribute to high blood pressure.

“At present, producing these plant based meat alternatives often involves a substantial amount of processing,” study co-author Dr. Sumanto Haldar said. “The end products can be high in salt, saturated fat and additives in order to match the taste and texture of real meat products.”

Ron DeSantis rips test tube created fake meat

DeSantis signed a bill into law earlier this year that banned the sale, production, and distribution of meat created in a lab from the cells of animals.

He told the future farmers he signed the ban to protect the agriculture industry.

“Some people said, well, if someone wants to cook up meat in a lab and create it, why can’t people do it?” DeSantis asked. “And one, I don’t know if it will do harm to anybody, nobody really knows that at this stage. But if it were just a matter of consumer choice, hey, you say, you know what’s the big deal? Right?”

Fake meat is a stalking horse to go after agriculture. 

“But it’s not, it’s part of this agenda and these headlines that I read for you, they want to create meat in a lab so that they can turn around and say you don’t need to farm anymore,” DeSantis remarked.

He displayed articles at the beginning of his speech about fake meat being used to reduce agriculture emissions.

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