Ron DeSantis got a hero’s welcome at this major sporting event

Apr 12, 2022

There’s no denying Americans don’t like the direction the country is headed.

But some of America’s political leaders are fighting back to save the country.

And Ron DeSantis got a hero’s welcome at this major sporting event.

Whether it is record crime, record-high inflation, a border crisis the likes of which America has never seen, or broken supply chains, it’s obvious that the people who are running the country are failing.

At this point, it’s a miracle if Joe Biden can even say one coherent sentence.

Fortunately, not all of America’s leaders are bad, and one such leader is none other than Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida.

When it comes to politicians, DeSantis is about as good as it gets.

Time after time he has proven to the people of Florida and the entire nation that he is not willing to bow down to the radical Left.

Between standing up to useless COVID restrictions and standing up to perverts who want to talk about sex with 6-year-olds, DeSantis has shown that he is a man of the people and a protector of freedom.

For proof, just look at how he was greeted at a recent UFC event.

Just the other day, DeSantis attended the UFC 273 event, and when he entered the arena he was welcomed like a rock star.

This is the kind of man any reasonable America-loving patriot should want running this country.

Meanwhile, in Washington, D.C. Joe Biden and his handlers are finding new and creative ways to make Americans’ lives worse.

It is no wonder that Joe Biden has some of the worst approval ratings in American history.

On the flip side, DeSantis is up big in nearly every single poll he is featured in, including 2024 Presidential polls should President Trump choose not to run.

It is unclear whether or not he intends on running in 2024 for President.

But he would be a great man for the job, especially when compared to the absolute train wreck in Washington, D.C. right now.

And rock star welcomes like he received at the UFC event show just how popular he is among everyday Americans.

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