Ron DeSantis got dragged into court for a lawsuit that left George Soros smiling

Aug 18, 2022

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is facing another left-wing legal challenge.

This one could have severe consequences.

And Ron DeSantis got dragged into court for a lawsuit that left George Soros smiling.

Governor DeSantis announced he was suspending Soros-backed prosecutor Andrew Warren over his stated refusal to enforce the law.

DeSantis accused Warren of looking the other way and not prosecuting Black Lives Matter agitators under the state’s anti-rioting law.

Warren also declared he would not enforce Florida’s 15-week abortion ban.

That led to Warren filing a lawsuit claiming his free speech rights were violated when DeSantis suspended him for refusing to follow the law in Florida.

“If the Governor’s allowed to do this, what’s left of democracy? If the Governor’s allowed to retaliate against me for speaking out, what’s left of the First Amendment,” Warren ranted.

Warren then parroted the stale talking point that every leftist resorts to by claiming DeSantis was “attacking democracy.”

“The Governor has attacked our democracy and it should worry everyone,” Warren added. “If the Governor’s attempt to unilaterally overturn an election is allowed to stand, it threatens to undermine the integrity and outcome of elections across our state for years to come.”

While Warren is elected, the veto power rests with the Governor, which is a fact the lawsuit forgot to mention.

“Of course, DeSantis is free to express his views and his disagreements with Warren as often as he likes. Indeed, the Federal Constitution ensures that he is,” Warren’s lawsuit reads. “DeSantis went too far.”

Warren’s legal team aggressively pushed the spin that a prosecutors’ free speech rights include not enforcing the law.

“The First Amendment protects the right of elected officials to speak out on matters of public controversy, and in fact it does so because it’s so important that the voters who choose these elected officials know where they stand on these issues,” Warren’s lawyer Jean-Jacques Cabou told The Hill.

That dog won’t hunt.

George Soros installed prosecutors like Warren in cities to empty the prisons and “reform” criminal justice, which always leads to more violence and deaths on America’s streets.

Since Governor DeSantis did not want Florida to go the way of Los Angeles or San Francisco, he stepped in and suspended Andrew Warren.

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