Ron DeSantis got one bit of good news from this southern state that Trump’s team is going to hate

May 5, 2023

The GOP Presidential nomination contest is heating up.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is seemingly inching ever closer to an announcement.

And DeSantis got one bit of good news from this southern state that Trump’s team is going to hate.

It’s not an exaggeration to say North Carolina is one of the key states for a GOP 2024 victory.

A two-man race

There is now no doubt the contest for the GOP Presidential nomination is a two-man race between former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

No other candidate or potential candidate even cracks double digits.

And with the exception of an occasional survey showing Florida’s DeSantis leading former President Donald Trump in individual state 2024 primary match-ups (recently Florida, Iowa, and Utah) Trump has firmly established his frontrunner status in all national GOP polling.

After faltering for a bit after the disastrous 2022 Midterms that Trump took the blame for, he has regained his strong foothold among GOP and conservative activists who will make up the bulk of the Primary voters.

Trump’s clearly politicized indictment at the hands of New York City’s left-wing, Soros-backed District Attorney Alvin Bragg has only increased his support.

In fact, if a nationwide contest to select the GOP’s next nominee were to happen today, Trump would likely run away with it.

But two things are important to note.

First, DeSantis isn’t even in the race yet and already is Trump’s closest rival.

And second, in head-to-head matchups, DeSantis out performs Trump against Joe Biden in some key states.

Tarheel state blues

But in fact, Trump is now faring better in a potential 2024 Republican Primary matchup against DeSantis than he was in January according to Morning Consult.

On January 2, Trump was up 11% over DeSantis (45% to 34%).

In late February, it was Trump by 18% (48% to 30% for DeSantis).

By April 16, Trump had jumped to a 29% lead (53%— 24%).

Now that DeSantis appears closer to decision things are trending back, the most recent April 23 poll shows the race tightening a bit with DeSantis down 21%.

But now Trump’s own pollsters have released a poll that is bad news for the former President and very good news for Ron DeSantis.

This poll shows DeSantis beating Biden in key battleground states like once red North Carolina.

Meanwhile, Trump loses to Biden in North Carolina, and other key states.

In recent years, North Carolina has become a swing state in national elections and it’s not overstating it to say the GOP nominee must be able to carry the Tarheel state to win the White House.

You only attack your threats

And very clearly Trump and his people know DeSantis is his only real threat.

That is the main reason Trump continues to blast DeSantis (and his state) on a continual basis.

DeSantis is simply the only Republican who appears to be remotely competitive against Trump in the nomination race even as an undeclared candidate.

But another reason for Trump’s continued attacks against the popular Florida Governor is that DeSantis has a strong electability case to press against Trump.

In fact, according to recent polling, DeSantis leads Biden nationally and in states like North Carolina, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Arizona.

While Trump loses to Biden in these key states and nationally.

While it’s still quite early, DeSantis is certainly making all the right moves, and headed in the right direction.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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