Ron DeSantis got the green light to run for President after Florida legislature took this one action

May 3, 2023

Florida’s popular Governor is still not a candidate for President.

But he may have just gotten one big step closer.

Because the Florida legislature just gave Ron DeSantis the green light to run for President with this one action.

Political observers around the country are awaiting an announcement from Florida’s GOP Governor Ron DeSantis on a potential Presidential run.

Sleeping Beauty?

But while DeSantis sure seems to be gearing up for a run, he has yet to make a formal announcement.

And some are wondering if his protracted fight with Disney might be delaying an inevitable run.

He seems to be sleeping on a decision while at the same time making all the right moves to position himself as Donald Trump’s only legitimate rival.

While the media and the Left attack DeSantis for his fight with Disney, for conservative activists it is a welcome sign from a party seen all too often as weak and unwilling to fight.

Combined with his signing of Florida’s new 6-week abortion ban, a Constitutional Carry bill, and a booming economy thanks to conservative policies, DeSantis is seen as a younger, more acceptable version of Trump.

DeSantis gets the green light

Now he may just be one step closer to an announcement.

Florida’s Legislature recently passed an elections bill, which included an amendment clarifying the state’s resign-to-run law.

Some had argued the state’s resign-to-run statute prevented DeSantis from running for president without first resigning from the Governor’s office.

But an amendment added to Senate Bill 7050 clarifies that statute by saying individuals “seeking the office of President or Vice President of the United States” would be exempt from the provision.

The elections bill passed the Republican-held state House after having already passed the State Senate and now heads to the Governor’s desk for his signature.

Not surprisingly everyone expects DeSantis to sign the bill, with the clarifying amendment, into law.

Now we wait

The section of the law now reads as follows:

“Any person seeking the office of President or Vice President of the United States is not subject to the requirements of chapter 99, Florida Statutes, which govern candidate[s] qualifying, specifically those which require the submission of certain documents, full and public disclosures of financial interests, petition signatures, or the payment of filing fees. This section shall take effect upon this act becoming a law.”

This means DeSantis would be eligible to run for President without giving up the Governor’s office as soon as he signs the bill into law.

While many have believed DeSantis was waiting until the legislature ends its session before announcing, the time is fast approaching.

The Florida legislature adjourns tomorrow on May 5.

That, combined with the passage of the new elections law, means time is running out for DeSantis to make a decision.

In every major poll, DeSantis is seen as the only potential Trump opponent who even has a shot at beating the former President.

But the most recent national polls show DeSantis down by nearly 40 points to Trump.

Now to wait and see what kind of bump DeSantis gets, assuming he does announce.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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