Ron DeSantis grinned ear to ear after he was on the cover of TIME and saw just how scared of him they are

May 22, 2023

As it stands now, the only likely candidate who can possibly beat both Donald Trump and Joe Biden is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

That’s why DeSantis is becoming the newest punching bag for the left-wing media.

But Ron DeSantis was all smiles after he was on the cover of TIME and saw just how scared of him they are.

There is no doubt the media fears Ron DeSantis.

“What the Governor wants, the Governor gets”

TIME Magazine recently did a cover story on Florida Governor and likely 2024 Presidential candidate Ron DeSantis.

And one thing was made perfectly clear in the article – the media is trembling with fear at the thought of a DeSantis Presidency.

The reporter who wrote the article even states at the beginning that DeSantis is in charge and gets what he wants.

To leftist reporters, that is a very scary thing indeed.

They cannot stand a conservative politician who actually stands up and fights, instead of backing down and compromising.

“His dominance is hard to overstate. From school-board meetings to the Walt Disney Corp., the shelves of elementary-school libraries to local mask ordinances, everything bears his stamp. Having shepherded his state through the COVID-19 pandemic, bucking the political and medical establishments to follow his own read of the data, DeSantis has manipulated levers of power to enact a sweeping agenda,” reporter Molly Ball wrote.

But that’s not all DeSantis has done.

Ball continued, “The week I landed in Tallahassee, he signed an expansive school-voucher law and a measure investing more than $700 million in affordable housing. The legislature was hearing his proposed ban on gender-affirming health care for minors, a bill to expand gun rights that would allow concealed carrying of firearms without a permit, another that would dramatically curtail union rights, and a bid to prohibit socially conscious investing. All would eventually pass. At DeSantis’ behest, legislators this year also eliminated diversity programs at public universities, made it easier to sentence criminals to death, and barred schools from using trans students’ preferred pronouns.”

The Florida Blueprint

Of course, all of DeSantis’ achievements were couched in leftist terms by Ball.

And what reporters like Ball and other leftists can’t stand is the thought that DeSantis might be taking his programs national.

That’s because they know his “Florida Blueprint” is working.

By every measurable, Florida is thriving under DeSantis, and doing so without the typical compromising and selling out most GOP leaders do.

DeSantis has stuck to his guns, stuck to his principles, and shown he is not afraid to take on anyone, from union bosses to Disney groomers.

As GOP State Senator Joe Gruters put it, “We’ve had conservative leadership in Florida for the past 23 years, but we’ve passed more conservative bills in the past two years than the previous 20, and more this year than the past 22. It’s a rocket ship, a steam engine.”

DeSantis has very quickly become the conservative who gets things done.

While some political “experts” predicted that his very conservative and combative first term in office would make him a one-term Governor, the opposite occurred.

The DeSantis wave

Republicans across the country struggled last November and the big red wave that had been predicted never occurred.

Except, that is, in Florida where DeSantis enjoyed a 19-point reelection victory, which was the biggest win for a Florida Governor in decades.

And it didn’t stop with him.

DeSantis carried GOP candidates to victory in every area of the state and at every level.

For the first time in modern history, registered Republicans outnumber Democrats in Florida.

To his supporters and to conservatives around the country, DeSantis’ legislative and electoral victories prove a hard-charging, steadfastly conservative can win, and win big.

“We’ve shown that you don’t have to do it the liberal way, and we’re the envy of the nation when you look at our results,” said State Representative Randy Fine, a Republican who has sponsored some of DeSantis’ legislation.

“DeSantis says what he’s going to do and he does it. People like that, even if they don’t agree with him.”

And that is the biggest fear Democrats and leftists have, a candidate who will stick to principles and win.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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