Ron DeSantis handed teachers Union Boss Randi Weingarten this crushing defeat

Jan 16, 2024

Ron DeSantis has been at war with Randi Weingarten and radical teachers unions.

He is going to put them out of business in Florida with one bold conservative policy.

And Ron DeSantis handed teachers Union Boss Randi Weingarten this crushing defeat.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis delivered a laundry list of conservative victories after his landslide re-election victory in 2022.

One of the lesser-known conservative bills he signed into law may be the most impactful in the Sunshine State.

United Teachers of Dade is the third-largest teachers union in the country with more than 25,000 employees under its control in Miami-Dade County Public Schools.

The union is now on the verge of going out of business because of a law signed by DeSantis.

DeSantis signed Senate Bill 256 in May which reformed the way out-of-control teachers unions operated in Florida.

The state government would no longer act as the collection agent for the teachers unions by automatically deducting union dues from teachers’ paychecks.

Teachers who wanted to support the union would have to pay it directly.

The law also put in place a provision that required a teachers union to have at least 60% of its members paying dues or face decertification.

“If they don’t have a majority of the teachers who are actually signing up to pay dues, it should be decertified,” DeSantis said in December 2022. “You shouldn’t be able to continue as a zombie organization that doesn’t have the support of the people you are supposedly negotiating for.”

United Teachers of Dade has dropped under the 60% threshold, and it is on the verge of being decertified.

The union currently has 56% of members paying dues, leaving its future in jeopardy. 

An increasing number of teachers in the school district opted not to pay for the union’s left-wing politics when they had to write the check themselves.

Freedom Foundation Director of Labor Relations Allison Beattie said the union’s decertification would send shockwaves nationally.

“This is a very real existential threat,” Beattie told the New York Post. “This would be a blow, not just to this union, but to the influence of teachers unions across the country.”

American Federation of Teachers chief Randi Weingarten claimed without evidence in November that the law giving teachers more freedom was an attack on public education.

“Freedom Foundation, associated with Betsy DeVos and Gov. DeSantis, are spending a boatload of money to union bust United Teachers of Dade in Miami b/c they want to destroy public education & unions,” Weingarten said on social media.

Beattie said that teachers were tired of their hard-earned money being ripped out of their paychecks to fund the union’s left-wing political agenda.

“They want the union out of politics altogether,” Beattie said. “They don’t want their union dues going one way or another.”

Teachers unions are going to pay a steep price in Florida for prioritizing left-wing politics over the interests of its members.

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