Ron DeSantis has a plan to get America’s veterans the support they deserve

Sep 18, 2023

Every politician plays lip service to American veterans, but few actually do anything to help them.

In Democrat-controlled cities, illegal aliens are housed on the taxpayers’ dime while homeless Veterans sleep on the streets.

But Ron DeSantis has a plan to get America’s veterans the support they deserve.

Most veterans will tell you the only people that understand their struggle are fellow veterans.

And Ron DeSantis is the only veteran in the 2024 Presidential race.

Everyday, 22 veterans end their own lives.

This is an absolute travesty, and a major failure of the government to provide resources to those who have sacrificed so much for our nation.

As Governor, DeSantis has signed several bills into law to help Veterans in Florida.

In a recent interview on Newsmax, DeSantis showed that he understands how important this issue is and that his administration will make tackling it a priority.

DeSantis noted that we need to get better about treating the invisible wounds of war, like PTSD and other mental health issues.

America’s 20-year long conflicts in the Middle East took a major toll on those that answered the call to serve.

Waging a prolonged two front conflict while maintaining an all-volunteer force stretched our military thin.

During Vietnam, draftees were generally required to serve a one year tour, though many volunteered to do more.

Many Post-9/11 veterans were required to do multiple deployments, and some had their original four-year enlistments extended to up to eight years.

Like Vietnam veterans, many of those returning from Afghanistan have a sense that their sacrifice was in vain after Biden ordered an abrupt withdrawal and handed the nation back to the Taliban.

As a result, we now have a large number of veterans struggling with PTSD, crippling depression, and substance abuse issues.

Many of them feel isolated and don’t know where to turn to for help.

DeSantis noted that the packet given to veterans about available resources is “pure bureaucracy that you can’t understand.”

Keep in mind that DeSantis was a JAG officer with a law degree.

If he had trouble navigating where to go for help, imagine what it would be like for a veteran with only a high school education.

DeSantis said one of the biggest things that would help would be to create an easy-to-use national portal that would not only help veterans receive the benefits they have earned, but also put them in touch with private charities that are available to help.

America needs to do better for our veterans, and DeSantis is clearly committed to doing so.

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