Ron DeSantis has an ace in the hole that will have Democrats sweating bullets

Sep 12, 2022

Democrats are desperate to knock off Florida Governor Ron DeSantis this November.

But Democrats got some bad news.

And Ron DeSantis has an ace in the hole that will have Democrats sweating bullets.

Governor DeSantis is raising record amounts of money for his re-election campaign.

Through the month of August Governor DeSantis raked in over $165 million.

Governor DeSantis’ fundraising success owes to the fact that the conservative grassroots and big money donors all support his freedom agenda of keeping Florida businesses and schools open during the pandemic and rejecting mask and vaccine mandates.

DeSantis also showed Republicans how to fight back against woke corporations like Disney who meddle in politics on the Democrat Party’s behalf.

Fortune reported, “It was early afternoon in late July, and Carson Jorgensen was waiting in a decadent restaurant at the St. Regis hotel in Park City, Utah, along with a group of donors and business leaders, for the guest of honor to arrive.”

“Right on time,” Fortune added, “Ron DeSantis, the Republican governor of Florida whose star has risen rapidly over the past couple of years, appeared and efficiently worked through a photo line, before addressing the room over salads and chicken at lunch in the hotel’s RIME restaurant. With the majestic Rocky Mountains in the background, the group had assembled for the second of a pair of fundraising events for DeSantis in Utah in late July, raising money for his 2022 gubernatorial reelection campaign. Jorgensen, who serves as chair of the Utah Republican Party, recounts that the event was composed of some ‘upper-class donors’ in ‘dressed-up casual’ attire, as it was a ‘more expensive fundraiser,’ he estimated (tickets to the lunch event reportedly went for $5,000 a pop). DeSantis spoke for about half an hour, Jorgensen remembers, touching on topics such as pushing back against supposedly ‘woke’ corporations such as Disney, and how he opened up the economy in Florida during the pandemic.”

Polls show DeSantis leading his Republican-turned-Independent-turned-Democrat challenger Charlie Crist outside the margin of error.

And what terrifies Democrats is that DeSantis has not even unleashed his war chest yet.

Democrats fret that DeSantis will run up the score and win a landslide victory in November, which will serve as a launching point for a Presidential campaign in 2024 or 2028.

And the backbone of any political campaign is money.

Ron DeSantis’ ability to appeal to both the Trump base in the grassroots and the donor community means in a Presidential campaign DeSantis could unite the Republican Party and build the type of coalition that would make the GOP a national majority.

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